Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Matthew E. Aulsbrook - The Texas Law Dog

Were you arrested?  Do you know your rights?

The Aulsbrook Law firm understands that an arrest can turn your life upside down.  You need an attorney that understands the law and is willing to fight for your rights.

Our criminal defense attorneys offer a unique practical approach and sincere dedication to the respect of the rights of the accused.  We take the time to fully understand your case.  We will defend your rights as afforded to you under the constitution.  We know how the Texas criminal justice system works and we are familiar with improper prosecutorial conduct, negotiation guidelines, and recognizing when it’s time to take your case to trial.

We will diligently work on your case to come up with a plan of action for your defense.

We help individuals with state and federal charges from misdemeanors to serious felonies including: Murder, Assault, Drug crimes, Expungements/Non-Disclosures, Probation Revocations, Domestic violence, Guns and Weapons charges, Prostitution, Burglary, Theft, and White-Collar charges.

We are committed to providing you the best legal defense.  When criminal charges are brought against you or a loved one, Matthew E. Aulsbrook  – The Texas Law Dog comes to fight!  He doesn’t bark.  He bites!

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