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Being accused of DWI and treated like a criminal could be a terrifying, humiliating, and challenging circumstance. You need a lawyer who can clarify what is going on and treat you like an individual, rather than a case number.

Matt Aulsbrook is interested in hearing your side of the story. In the event that you need a legal counselor that will remain by your side in the court and not in your direction, call the Aulsbrook Law Firm.

Matt also takes pride in his expertise in handling DWI cases.

We provide high-quality services and competency in assisting our clients who face DWI charges as well as other criminal offenses.

Aulsbrook Law Firm seeks dismissals, reductions in penalties, and acquittals in DWI charges.

At Aulsbrook Law Firm, you have the assurance that your goal is our goal – and that is to help you start fresh with a life free from legal charges.

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