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Matthew E. Aulsbrook - The Texas Law Dog

Matt Aulsbrook focuses his practice on personal injury cases and getting the maximum compensation allowed for our clients.  Matt Aulsbrook creates a strong and unique legal defense for his clients.

Aulsbrook Law Firm creates a strong and unique legal defense for our clients. Whether you have been the victim of an automobile accident, 18-wheeler accident, or workplace injury, our legal team will protect your rights under the law.

At the Aulsbrook Law Firm, we understand the hardships that a personal injury accident can cause you and your loved ones.

Matt Aulsbrook is devoted to helping his injured clients through the legal process.  His background and skills will help you fight for every dime you deserve.

With honesty, certainty, and a desire to zealously represent his clients, Matt Aulsbrook creates the strongest cases conceivable for the benefit of his customers. Many times, he is able to acquire settlements quickly while never needing to venture into a court. However, he is completely ready to head off to trial and present the case to a judge and jury.

The Aulsbrook Law Firm has critical experience speaking to customers in a mixture of cases, including significant individual damage and wrongful passing cases. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident caused by the negligence actions of others, it is imperative you call the dedicated and experienced Aulsbrook Law Firm to fight for you.

If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of others, call The Texas Law Dog to fight for you.  Aulsbrook Law Firm provides you with personal attention, a dedicated attorney, and our commitment to excellence.

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