Arlington Criminal Lawyer

Being formally accused of committing a crime can be an overwhelming experience. Not only is the arrest process frightening, but the possible penalties that could come with a conviction can be nerve-wracking as well. If you were accused of a crime, you could benefit from seeking the counsel of a dedicated Arlington criminal lawyer to help ease your mind.

No matter the circumstances of an allegation, you have a legal right to defend yourself. Furthermore, although the criminal justice system can be nuanced and confusing, you do not have to try to figure it out alone. A seasoned criminal defense attorney may be able to help you understand your rights, assess the facts surrounding the case, and build a persuasive case in your defense.

Pre-Trial Proceedings

After an arrest is made, the next step is the arraignment, also known as the bail bond hearing. During this procedure, a judge or magistrate will inform the accused individual of their rights and the charges they face, and then set a bail value to determine how much a defendant would have to pay in order to stay out of jail while a trial is pending.

Preliminary Hearings in Criminal Cases

In between the arraignment and the trial, the prosecution and defense gather evidence and argue to determine whether pieces in their cases are admissible in trial. These arguments are presented through motions and in preliminary hearings. At this stage, plea bargains may become available to end a case before trial. Discussing the possibilities for these deals with an Arlington criminal attorney could prove beneficial before a defendant makes any decisions about their situation.

Trial and Potential Sentencing

If no plea deal is struck during preliminary hearings, the case proceeds to trial. After arguments are presented, a judge or jury will issue a verdict. If the decision is not guilty, the case ends with an acquittal. If the verdict is that the defendant was guilty, however, the process moves on to sentencing.

During this stage, the specifics of a sentence are argued before the judge makes a determination. A seasoned Arlington criminal lawyer could advise an accused individual about each step of the legal process in Arlington, as well as inform them of their rights and options for a defense.

Appealing a Criminal Case in Arlington

There are certain circumstances where a decision may be contested via an appeal. This may happen if, during the trial, a court is believed to have made a mistake, or if the case involved an issue of unsettled law. The process for appeals is quite different from a trial, and often involves added nuance.

Hire an Arlington Criminal Attorney for Assistance

The stresses of going through the legal system can be difficult to handle alone, especially if the accusations you face could result in serious penalties. No matter the circumstances of your situation, you may benefit from the legal counsel provided by a committed Arlington criminal lawyer.

The criminal justice system can be difficult to navigate alone, causing you to feel rushed into decisions without adequate information. If you were charged with a crime in Arlington, call today for more information about how a skilled attorney could help.