Arlington Appeals Lawyer

The criminal justice system can be confusing and challenging to navigate through. Unfortunately, not every case will go according to plan. An unsatisfactory ruling or verdict could lead to severe consequences for a defendant. However, a provision in the legal system provides a process for individuals to appeal their cases or convictions to a higher court.

The appeals process allows an individual to retry, or review their case with hopes of reversing or changing the conviction or ruling. If you believe an unjust ruling or decision was made in your case, an Arlington appeals lawyer could explain the steps needed to appeal your case to a higher court. A skilled criminal defense attorney could review your original case and determine whether any errors were made by the defense, prosecution or the lower courts. If a mistake has been made in your case, you may be eligible to appeal your ruling.

The Appellate Process

The appeals process works differently than trial court. Both criminal and civil cases have the opportunity to be appealed to a higher court. While new evidence and information may be presented throughout a trial proceeding, in the appeals process, no new information or facts can be added to the record.

After a skilled Arlington appeals lawyer reviews an individual’s original case and determines that a mistake has been made, they will need to research and write a convincing argument as to why the original decision was flawed. The lawyer will need to look at the original case for a reversible error that occurred during the trial proceedings. A reversible error is one in which the appellate court can either reverse the decision from the original proceedings or require that the trial court provide more information and take action on the original conviction.

The appellate court will determine whether the original ruling is just based on the brief that the lawyer gives them. Therefore, if one wishes to appeal their original court decision, it is paramount to have a knowledgeable attorney represent them.

Why Getting New Counsel May Help One’s Case

Many trial lawyers do not know how to handle the nuances of the appeals process. A trial attorney will use evidence to prove their case while an appeals attorney will use what is already on the record. A new set of eyes on a case could add a fresh perspective to the case. An appeals lawyer could review the case in its entirety and evaluate it objectively.

A seasoned attorney understands what the appellate court will need to review or reverse a ruling. They could determine whether the law was implemented incorrectly in the lower courts. An appeals lawyer in Arlington could effectively craft a brief and oral argument to prove their case.

Speak to an Arlington Appeals Attorney Today

There is a finite amount of time after the original trial court decision is made that an individual can appeal their case to a higher court. The appeals process could be a time-consuming and lengthy process. It is best to seek help from an attorney who has experience with the appellate procedure and the skill to prepare a persuasive brief on your behalf.

Seek help from a diligent Arlington appeals lawyer as soon as possible to begin the process of appealing your case. Call today to schedule a consultation.