Arlington Drug Lawyer

There are numerous drug laws in Arlington that cover conduct relating to illegal or controlled substances. Being convicted of violating any of these laws could lead to severe penalties and leave a mark on your criminal record, so if you were accused of a drug crime, you could benefit from seeking the counsel of a dedicated attorney regarding your rights.

No one should have to handle criminal court proceedings on their own. If retained, an Arlington drug lawyer could assess the facts of your situation, explain your rights, and work to build a strong case in your defense.

Defining Controlled Substances in Arlington

Drug laws in Arlington center around controlled substances which consist of drugs and other chemicals that are heavily regulated in any way. For example, cocaine and heroin are controlled substances because the law regulates all their uses. OxyContin, on the other hand, is a controlled substance because the law only regulates its use without a prescription.

Controlled substances are further classified into Schedules according to how addictive they can be, any accepted medical uses they have, and the severity of penalties regarding their misuse. The most illicit drugs—ones that have no medicinal use—fall into the category of Schedule I, while Schedule V is generally reserved for substances that have ample uses in the medical community when utilized correctly.

Drug Possession Charges

One of the most common drug law violations in Arlington is for possession. Someone having a controlled substance on their person or effectively under their control can be grounds for an arrest and charge of drug possession.

While possession is a lesser drug crime, a conviction could still carry a significant fine and months in jail time. It may also add to a defendant’s criminal record, which could lead to problems in their future, especially regarding employment. An experienced Arlington drug lawyer understands the charges an accused individual could face for possession and may be able to help build a case to get the best possible outcome given the circumstances.

The Differences Between Drug Distribution and Trafficking

While some people believe drug distribution and trafficking are identical, this is actually not the case. In Arlington, trafficking drugs is the act of moving a large quantity of a substance from one area to another. On the other hand, distribution is the act of actually selling controlled substances to someone else.

Despite these differences, however, Arlington law enforcement often treats trafficking and distribution as similar offenses. As such, each offense is often considered a felony that might carry years in jail and the potential for thousands of dollars in fines. A seasoned attorney could help to explain the nuances of each charge and work toward constructing an appropriate defense.

Manufacturing Illegal Substances in Arlington

Often, the most severe drug offense that Arlington residents are charged with is for the manufacturing or cultivation of drugs and/or controlled substances. Because of this, law enforcement often focuses on drug manufacturing cases, and the resulting penalties can be severe, with convictions carrying possible life sentences in jail.

Retain an Arlington Drug Attorney Today

No matter the specifics of a case, all drug charges have the potential to be serious. In addition to stiff fines and extensive jail time, a conviction could also leave a mark on an individual’s criminal history that would follow them even after their sentence is finished.

If you were charged with a drug offense in Arlington, you have a legal right to a defense, and a tenacious Arlington drug lawyer could work to understand the facts of your case and determine a defense to try and protect your rights. Call an attorney today to discuss your case.