Arlington Traffic Lawyer

While a single speeding ticket may seem minor, receiving a traffic ticket or multiple traffic tickets could have unpleasant repercussions. Accruing more than one traffic violation in a given time frame may result in the loss of your driving privileges. In turn, losing your driving privileges could impact your ability to work, attend school, and otherwise support your family. It may be wise to seek the advice of an Arlington Traffic lawyer regarding any traffic tickets or violations.

Getting even a minor traffic ticket can cost you. It could result in the points on your license, hundreds of dollars in fines, and a license suspension. A tenacious defense lawyer could work to help you avoid some of these harsh penalties.

Handling Traffic Violations

In most cases, when drivers receive a traffic ticket for speeding or any other minor traffic violation, they have two choices. The alleged offenders could pay the ticket online or by mail prior to the court date and be done. This will result in the automatic entry of a guilty plea to the ticket and assessment of points to their license.

Alternatively, the alleged offenders could choose to appear in court and contest the ticket or otherwise attempt to resolve it by agreement. However, a failure to appear in court could result in additional fines, additional charges, and DPS refusal to renew a license or car registration. In addition, the courts could authorize a warrant for the arrest of the accused driver.

Most traffic tickets are resolved through a plea agreement, which is a resolution to the case. This generally requires the drivers to pay a fine or complete another task such as take a defensive driving course. Failure to follow through with such an agreement, however, could cause trouble in the future.

Point System for Violations in Arlington

When drivers get traffic tickets, the DPS assesses the required number of points to their licenses according to Texas Transportation Code § 708.052. This system is meant to promote public safety. The points on a license are tracked and, after a driver has so many, result in repercussions such as fines, increased auto insurance costs, and a loss of driving privileges.

Accruing Points

Generally, a moving violation in-state and out-of-state could result in the assessment of two points. If the moving violation results in an accident, the number of assessed points increases to three.

Reducing Points

When motorists accumulate five points, they will generally receive a warning from DPS. However, drivers could reduce their total points for every year they go without any traffic violations. For each year, they could lose one point from their license.

The only other way a motorist could reduce the number of points assessed to their licenses is to attend traffic school. This alternative is only open to those with a valid license, who were not driving a commercial vehicle, and who had not committed the following offenses:

  • Driving more than 25 mph over the speed limit
  • Committing a traffic violation within a construction zone
  • Passing a school bus
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Driving without insurance

Drivers are only eligible to complete traffic school once during a 12-month period. Completion of the driving course dismisses both the ticket and the number of points assessed to the license. For those who need more information about ways to more effectively manage traffic tickets, a traffic lawyer in Arlington could provide answers.

Seek Assistance from an Arlington Traffic Attorney

Traffic violations could land you in more trouble than you might first realize. The consequences of a traffic ticket may impact your finances, your ability to drive, and your freedom. If you end up in this situation, you should consider seeking assistance from a skilled Arlington traffic lawyer.

There are ways to fight back against traffic tickets and avoid the assessment of points on your license, depending on the situation. Getting legal representation may be key to resolving your latest traffic ticket in a positive manner. Call today to set up a consultation with a seasoned attorney.