Arlington CDL Ticket Lawyer

Obtaining a commercial driver’s license is not easy, and it is important that operators take every possible step to keep it. Commercial drivers need their CDL to help pay the bills for them and their families. Having a ticket or moving violation could put your job and your livelihood in jeopardy.

An experienced Arlington CDL ticket lawyer is dedicated to helping individuals fight their traffic tickets in court. This can include swiftly requesting a hearing and representing the interests of clients during all court appearances. A committed traffic attorney is knowledgeable and experienced in helping protect commercial motor vehicle drivers.

Potential Penalties of Moving Violations in Arlington

The State of Texas takes the safe operation of commercial vehicles seriously. As a result, the penalties for a commercial motor vehicle driver involved in any major moving violations could be harsh. According to Texas Statute §522.081, relatively minor infractions such as speeding, failing to signal, or even following too closely count as a strike against a driver’s CDL. A second conviction in a three-year period carries a mandatory 60-day loss of license.

Other offenses could lead to a one-year loss of license. This includes:

  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Using the vehicle for the use of a felony
  • Negligently causing the death of another
  • Driving with a suspended, revoked, or canceled license or permit

Repeat offenders could even find that they may permanently lose their right to drive. A skilled attorney in Arlington could help commercial drivers understand the penalties they may face and help them fight the ticket.

Defending Commercial Drivers’ Rights in Court

Just because an individual was issued a ticket for a moving violation does not mean that the alleged offense took place. The Texas court system hears the evidence and determines if the alleged offender is guilty. However, in order to trigger this procedure, a driver must request a court date.

This is done by following the instructions located on the ticket itself. By law, the ticket must contain specific instructions and a time limit within which a driver can request a court date. Once the court sets a hearing date, the alleged offender must appear for a pre-trial hearing. At the hearing, a prosecutor and the driver may attempt to reach a plea deal. However, this may result in a conviction on a person’s driving record. If the driver does not agree to a plea deal, the driver has the option to request a trial.

At the trial, the driver could plead their case to a judge or jury. The officer who issued the ticket must also appear and is subject to cross-examination. A seasoned Arlington commerical driver’s license ticket attorney could guide you through the legal process and help represent your case in court.

Consult an Arlington CDL Ticket Attorney

Receiving a ticket for a moving violation could have disastrous consequences for a commercial motor vehicle driver. This could include affecting a driver’s income as well as their future job prospects. An Arlington CDL ticket lawyer could help to prevent this from happening.

An experienced attorney could work with you on every step of the process from filing the request for a hearing to arguing your case before a judge or jury. Contact a lawyer today to see how they could help.