Fort Worth Fraud Lawyer

An accusation that you have committed fraud is a very serious allegation to face. In Fort Worth, fraud is considered a “white-collar crime” with significant penalties. This means that the resulting impact of an accusation can be severe, potentially leading to financial and personal losses. If you were charged with fraud, though, you have legal rights to defend yourself.

A Fort Worth fraud lawyer could prove to be a valuable ally as you are dealing with criminal charges. Fighting against fraud allegations can be tough, but having a practiced criminal defense attorney on your side might make the difference in whether you can build a strong and successful defense against allegations.

What Actions are Considered Fraud?

There are numerous types of fraud that can be committed in Fort Worth, depending on the circumstances and specifics of a case. Despite these differences, Texas Penal Code §7.32 outlines how each kind involves a form of deceit in order to try and take someone else’s property. Experienced fraud attorneys in Fort Worth could go into further detail regarding the differences of each form of fraud, as well as how they may best defend an accused individual given the situation they are in.

Common Types of Fraud

One of the most common types of fraud charges in Fort Worth involves insurance. Insurance fraud often involves making false or misleading statements on insurance claims—typically by inflating the cost of repairs for a covered accident—in order to pocket the proceeds.

Similarly, falsifying documents or making misleading statements on a mortgage application can amount to fraud, especially if the falsification leads to better terms on the loan than what would have otherwise been possible. There are also additional forms of mortgage fraud, such as someone persuading another person to sign the documents necessary for a mortgage loan and then taking the money themselves.

Another common example of fraudulent behavior regards securities. These cases occur when an entrepreneur coaxes investors into contributing to their company but ultimately keep their money for themselves. Securities fraud can be committed through a variety of schemes, but each involves some form of deception.

Convictions in Fort Worth Carry Significant Penalties

No matter the type of fraud alleged, the penalties can be quite significant upon conviction in Fort Worth. However, depending on the amount of money that was allegedly taken, the severity of a fine or prison sentence may increase even further. Regardless of this possible fluctuation, though, the collateral consequences for a conviction of fraud are still severe.

Pursuant to TX Penal Code §7.31.03, a conviction for certain kinds of fraud could result in a first-degree felony charge. This, according to TX Penal Code §3.12.31 could entail fines of up to $10,000 and a jail sentence of no less than five years, with the potential for up to 99 years. Beyond this, people who were convicted for a fraudulent crime often find it very difficult to re-enter the workforce after they have finished their sentence, potentially leading to further financial and personal losses. This is why it may be in the best interest of the defendant to seek the services of a skilled Fort Worth fraud lawyer.

Consult with a Fort Worth Fraud Attorney

If you were accused of committing fraud—regardless of what form that fraud allegedly took—contacting a Fort Worth fraud lawyer may be the best way to build a strong case in your defense. The legal system can be overwhelming, especially if you are dealing with serious charges, but a dedicated attorney could explain every step of the legal process and work tirelessly to protect your rights. Reach out today to see how you may benefit from legal counsel.