What to Do When Injured in a Fort Worth Car Accident

Suffering a serious injury in a car crash can be psychologically traumatic on top of being physically painful, and it can be hard to know what to do or even to think straight after getting hurt in this way. For that reason, among many others, it can be helpful to know in advance what to do when injured in a car accident in Fort Worth, as well as what effect those actions could have on a future lawsuit or settlement demand.

Anyone with further questions about what course of action they should take after their wreck can get the answers and information they need by speaking with a skilled car accident attorney.

What Should I Do at the Scene of a Car Crash?

Anyone involved in an auto accident in Fort Worth should comply with state law by remaining at the scene until police and emergency services arrive. They should also exchange contact and insurance information with everyone else involved.

Suppose you were seriously hurt and need immediate medical attention. In that case, you will not be penalized for “hit and run” if you are taken to a hospital in an ambulance or otherwise seek emergency care without doing the above. Your legal counsel could help handle any issues that arise along those lines and assist with filing an accident report with the police once your condition is stable.

Should I Go Straight to the Hospital After Getting Hurt in a Wreck?

Even if you do not need emergency medical care, you should still go to the emergency room or an urgent care clinic as soon as possible after suffering any kind of injury in a Fort Worth auto wreck. On top of treating the injury you have sustained, your doctors will also produce documentation of your injuries. These medical records can serve as vital evidence for any insurance claims or personal injury litigation you file later.

What Kind of Treatment Should I Get for Car Accident Injuries?

Your treating physicians will discuss what options you have for treatment and what they think the best course of action will be for the specific injuries you have suffered, and it will ultimately be your choice as to what kind of care you receive. That said, getting comprehensive diagnostic testing done can help identify all injuries you will need to incorporate into a claim later on. No matter what type of care you get, you should always follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter once you go home.

What Else Should I Do Besides Seeking Medical Care?

If you suffered a serious injury in a car collision in Fort Worth, you should strongly consider taking notes or keeping a journal about:

  • How your injuries feel
  • What kinds of treatment you are getting
  • What costs you have paid or been filled for treatment and other injury-related expenses

Thorough notes like this can be key to recovering fairly for your losses through a civil claim.

When Should I Contact a Fort Worth Car Accident Attorney?

While your top priority after getting injured in a Fort Worth car accident should always be making sure you are physically safe and stable, your next priority should be contacting qualified legal counsel to discuss your options. Call today to schedule a consultation with a seasoned car wreck lawyer and get started on your potential claim.