Fort Worth Student Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges can be intimidating, especially when in college. Whether you are facing disciplinary procedures at school or criminal charges or both, a negative outcome could have damaging long-term consequences. Having a good defense is important to protecting you and your future.

If you are a student or a student in your family is a criminal charge, it is wise to consult a Fort Worth student defense lawyer even if no formal charges have been filed. A well-versed defense lawyer who understands both criminal procedures and university disciplinary procedures could advise and advocate on behalf of the student to avoid pitfalls and help reach a positive outcome.

Protecting Students’ Rights in Fort Worth

State and federal laws provide certain protections based on the principal that someone accused of an offense should be treated as innocent until proven guilty. However, many students are not aware of how to protect their rights, and out of respect for authority, may allow police or other law enforcement officials to infringe on their rights. For instance, students may allow police to search a room or vehicle in situations where they have the right to refuse the search.

When violations of school conduct codes are involved, often students are not granted the same rights as in the criminal justice system. In a disciplinary proceeding, the presumption may not be of innocence, and an accused student may not be permitted to present the same evidence as in a criminal proceeding. It is important to be aware of procedural differences and the best actions to take to protect a student’s rights in all types of situations.

Common Offenses Students Face

Some common circumstances where the assistance of student defense lawyers in Fort Worth prove valuable involve allegations of:

  • Underage drinking
  • Illegal drug use
  • Assault
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Domestic violence

Some circumstances may give rise to disciplinary proceedings at school, criminal charges, and even civil liability. It is important to understand and prepare for all the potential ramifications.

Defense Strategies for University and Criminal Proceedings

Not all legal defenses work for every case. A strategy that makes sense in one situation does not always constitute the best course of action in another. It is important for an attorney to understand all the potential consequences a student may face before devising a strategy for defense.

In addition to strategizing a criminal defense, a Fort Worth student defense attorney should also prepare to defend a student against school disciplinary actions to preserve a student’s academic record, scholarships, and other important academic considerations. The role of the attorney will depend largely on the specific consequences the student may be facing.

A Fort Worth Student Defense Lawyer Can Be an Advocate

Every decision you make in the course of your lifetime can have an effect on your future. Everything can be lost in an instant. An experienced Fort Worth student defense lawyer could work with you to devise the best plan for dealing with your unique situation. An attorney is standing by for your call. Call today to get started on a plan to protect your future.