Fort Worth CDL Ticket Lawyer

The drivers of tractor trailers, freight, flatbeds, and even school busses rely upon their ability to drive to support themselves and their families. The operators of these vehicles are required to obtain a commercial driver’s license or CDL. Much like a driver’s license to operate a personal automobile, receiving a ticket for negligent or reckless driving could seriously impact a person’s ability to remain on the road.

A Fort Worth CDL ticket lawyer could help commercial drivers contest their tickets in court. Having a skilled traffic attorney could help a driver preserve their CDL, allowing them to continue working their vital jobs.

Consequences of a Moving Violation on a Commercial Driver’s License

There are many consequences a commercial driver could face if they receive a traffic ticket. Serious moving violations such as speeding, improper lane changes, or following too closely could result in points on a driver’s license and the payment of heavy fines. In addition, Texas Statute §522.081 states that a second conviction for a serious traffic violation within three years carries a loss of license for at least 60 days. This suspension period increases to 120 days if offenders are charged with a third violation.

More serious convictions for moving violations such as driving while intoxicated or leaving the scene of an accident could result in a loss of license for one year. Subsequent convictions require the State to completely revoke a person’s CDL. It may be beneficial to speak to a dedicated commercial driver’s license ticket lawyer in Fort Worth to learn more about the potential consequences and defenses if someone received a moving violation.

Contesting a Ticket in Fort Worth

The process for contesting a ticket is the same for a CDL driver as for any other motorist. The traffic ticket contains instructions on how to proceed such as paying the fine online, and when to appear in traffic court. In addition, the ticket contains specific instructions to request a court date. A Fort Worth CDL attorney could help individuals file their request for a court date correctly and on time.

Once a person sends in their request for a hearing date, the court responds with a date, time, and location for the hearing. The first hearing is a pre-trial session where the prosecutor, a driver, and their attorney could discuss their options moving forward. However, if a driver wishes to avoid a conviction, they must request a trial which would take place during a second court date.

At this trial, the driver and their attorney could present evidence as to why they did not violate the law. A committed lawyer in Fort Worth could help defendants present evidence in court and cross-examine the police officer on the witness stand.

A Fort Worth CDL Ticket Attorney Could Help Protect Your Right to Drive

If you are a commercial driver’s license holder and received a ticket due to a driving violation, you have options on how to proceed. All drivers have the right to contest their ticket. Speak to a seasoned Fort Worth CDL lawyer to learn your legal options.

The consequences for a moving violation on a driver’s record could be severe, especially since many CDL holders rely on their license for their livelihood. A knowledgeable attorney could help you protect your economic future in court. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible to get started.