Grand Prairie Expunction Lawyer

After a criminal conviction, defendants could face many types of penalties depending on the nature of the case. In most cases, these penalties include fines, jail time, probation, and mandatory behavioral classes.

However, some of the costliest penalties of a criminal conviction do not involve a jail sentence or fines, but instead the consequences of having a criminal history. A blemish on your past could keep you from obtaining the job you want, housing, or even a loan. In some cases, that mark on your criminal history could stay there forever, or only until you have it expunged.

Clearing your criminal background often takes the help of a Grand Prairie expunction lawyer. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side could help you effectively file your motion in court and be better able to protect your future.

The Process of Expunction in Grand Prairie

The procedure of expunging a criminal conviction could be complicated and needs to be followed precisely. The first step in the expunction process is filing a petition for expunction in the county where the criminal offense occurred.

The most important part of the expungement process is ensuring that all evidence and paperwork is filed promptly and correctly. In some cases, once the petition is received, a judge will decide to expunge or seal the records of a past offense or allegation. However, a judge is more likely to expunge or seal a criminal record if the individual:

  • Arrested but not formally charged
  • Acquitted
  • The case was dismissed, or statute of limitations expired
  • Convicted but later found to be innocent
  • Convicted but later pardoned
  • The criminal charge never led to a conviction
  • Participated in a diversionary program that guaranteed expunction upon completion

A knowledgeable Grand Prairie expungement attorney could guide an individual through the process of expunction to help ensure their records are sealed.

Ineligible Offenses for Sealing Criminal Records

Unfortunately, many offenses may not be eligible for expunction, including most felony convictions. However, there are also numerous lesser offenses that cannot be expunged from a criminal history as well. Criminal offenses that cannot be expunged include:

Talking to a seasoned expunction lawyer in Grand Prairie could be the best way to confirm whether a particular past offense could be sealed or expunged.

Schedule a Consultation with a Grand Prairie Expunction Attorney

Clearing your name and your criminal history could be one of the best decisions you can make after a criminal conviction. The opportunity to obtain jobs, professional licenses, and loans that were unavailable to you when you had a criminal past could open up once your record has been expunged. In many cases, expunging your record is the final step to moving past a prior offense.

A Grand Prairie expunction lawyer could be of great service at this difficult time. The process for expunging criminal records is not easy, and the legal assistance that an attorney can provide could make a difference in your case. Call today to get started on your future.