Bedford Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycles give people a sense of freedom they do not otherwise have traveling in enclosed vehicles. Unfortunately, riders don’t have the same features as a traditional car, including seatbelts, leading to severe injuries. If you were the victim of a bike collision, you need an experienced Bedford motorcycle accident lawyer working on your behalf.

At Aulsbrook Car & Truck Wreck Injury Lawyers, we provide the strong legal representation injured bikers need. We analyze complex liability issues, deal with negligent drivers and their liability insurers, and work to resolve injured claimants’ cases. Our dedicated personal injury team has the experience and tenacity to fight hard for you.

Motorcyclists Have the Same Rights as Car and Truck Drivers in Bedford

According to the Texas Transportation Code, Title 7 Vehicles and Traffic, §502, motorcyclists have the same rights as all other motorists in the state. Unfortunately, car and truck drivers often fail to acknowledge a biker’s right to share the road. These much larger vehicles crowd motorcyclists’ lanes, cut them off, and misjudge their speed. Their sense of disrespect and driver entitlement encourages bad driving behaviors and contributes to avoidable accidents and injuries.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration site, Get Up To Speed On Motorcycles, encourages car and truck drivers to learn more about biker safety issues. The website describes how motorists’ blind spots, inattentiveness at intersections, and motorcycle visibility issues frequently contribute to crashes and injuries. While motorcycle accidents have decreased in recent years, they still occur more often than they should. A local attorney can explain a motorcyclist’s rights further during a consultation.

Common Injuries Resulting from Motorcycle Crashes

The NHTSA’s Motorcycle Safety Page announces that bikers are overrepresented in national traffic fatality statistics each year. When a vehicle crashes into a motorcycle, the impact causes serious, sometimes fatal, injuries. Even at low speeds, collisions can overturn a motorcycle, leaving a motorcyclist pinned beneath their bike’s weight.

Some crashes send bikers airborne and into the pavement or nearby stationary structures. These accidents often cause their upper bodies, heads, or spines. It sometimes causes disabilities that last a lifetime.

Several factors contribute to a motorcyclist’s accident and injury severity.

  • Severe injuries occur due to extreme differences in car/truck weight vs. motorcycle weight
  • Motorcyclists have difficulty keeping their bikes upright after an impact
  • A motorcycle provides minimal rider protection from many road and accident hazards
  • Visibility issues contribute to severe impacts and injuries as car and truck drivers don’t slow down or stop

Despite an ongoing national and Texas Department of Transportation Motorcycle Safety Campaign, motorcyclists remain vulnerable to accidents and serious injuries. Trauma centers often see injury combinations that include multiple fractures, head, chest, abdomen, spinal cord, brain, or internal organ trauma. A skilled lawyer in Bedford could investigate the details of a crash and help injured people document their injuries to ensure they recover maximum compensation.

What Can a Bedford Motorcycle Accident Attorney Do for You?

You must act immediately when a negligent driver injures you in an accident. When you contact the Aulsbrook Car & Truck Wreck Injury Lawyers, our legal team members will fight to protect your legal rights and resolve your injury claim as quickly as possible.

If you or a loved one sustained a serious injury, reach out to us as soon as possible. For more information, call our Bedford motorcycle accident lawyers today to schedule a meeting.