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Fatal Collision Kills Woman and Infant in Cleburne, Texas

On Wednesday, September 21, a vehicle collision at the intersection of Highway 171 and County Road 310A south ...

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Fatal Semi-Truck Accident in Allen, Texas

On Tuesday, September 19, a vehicle collision in Allen, Texas, resulted in a semi-truck flying off a U.S. 75 o...

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Winter Weather Conditions in Texas Causing Roadway Accidents

In the last few days Texas has seen an influx of potentially dangerous winter weather events. A historic snow ...

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Fatal Fall at North Laredo Construction Site

A man working on a construction site in North Laredo, Texas died after falling 30 feet from the construction s...

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Fatal East Arlington Car Accident

On the morning of August 20th, a Dallas woman was struck and killed in a motor vehicle accident. Although many...

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Injured Construction Workers

Construction sites are extremely dangerous. Heavy machinery, hazardous materials, and delivery trucks coming i...

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