Colleyville Bus Accident Lawyer

Taking the bus to get around the city has many advantages: You do not have to fight your way through congestion and traffic, you do not have to worry about whether you will find a parking spot, and you save money on gas. Sadly, traveling by bus is not always safe—often, devastating accidents occur.

When you or your loved one gets hurt in a bus crash, consider meeting with a Colleyville bus accident lawyer to discuss your claim. A hardworking personal injury attorney could help you pursue a claim against

Injuries Stemming From Bus Collisions

Public transportation accidents cause extensive injuries to people riding the bus as well as other drivers or passengers on the road.

Injuries to Bus Passengers

Unlike automobiles, most buses do not have seatbelts, meaning passengers have no means of physical protection. When a bus crashes or stops abruptly, the impact often throws people around the vehicle. They might hit their heads on the window or the seat in front of them or even fall out of their seat. Broken bones, back injuries, bruises, cuts, lacerations, head injuries, and soft tissue damage are also common. Some passengers even suffer life-threatening internal injuries.

Injuries to People in Other Vehicles or on the Ground

Drivers or passengers in other cars that collide with buses frequently sustain severe harm. Because these vehicles are much larger and heavier than automobiles, buses can crush cars, often resulting in fatal injuries. People walking on foot or riding a bike or motorcycle also suffer life-altering when hit by buses.

A compassionate attorney in Colleyville understands how traumatic public transportation crashes can be. They could communicate with the injured person’s doctors to understand the short-term or long-term impact of their harm. When a bus wreck causes fatal injuries, a legal team member could help the decedent’s surviving family members pursue justice for their loved one’s death.

Who is Liable for a Bus Wreck in Colleyville?

When a commercial vehicle crashes, identifying who is potentially at fault can be challenging.

Bus Driver

Many bus accidents occur because the driver is negligent or reckless. For instance, bus drivers often work long hours, driving distracted or fatigued. Other collisions occur when bus drivers speed or drive aggressively to reach their destination on time.

Third-Party Driver

Some bus accidents occur because of the actions of a third-party driver who made an error that led to the incident.

Bus Company

Bus companies are liable for the mistakes of their drivers, particularly when they do not provide adequate training or discourage safe driving practices. When a bus company fails to inspect, maintain, or repair the vehicle regularly, it could be liable for the injuries someone suffers in a wreck.

Bus Manufacturer

An injured passenger or driver could pursue a claim against the manufacturer when the bus has a defective part.

Bus Mechanic

A mechanic who overlooks a mechanical problem or fails to repair a part contributing to a bus crash could be legally responsible.

Government Official

Maintaining local roads is the responsibility of the city. The government could be liable when a bus wrecks because of a large pothole or an uncleared road.

A seasoned local lawyer knows how to effectively investigate a bus wreck case to determine the cause and identify who is legally responsible.

Call a Bus Accident Attorney in Colleyville For Help With a Claim

After suffering serious injuries in a bus crash, you will likely face a challenging recovery with many unexpected setbacks. You should be able to focus on healing without worrying about how to pay for your medical care.

Fortunately, legal recourse could be available to you. Call a Colleyville bus accident lawyer today to learn more about how we could help you.