Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident in Dallas

Truck accidents are more complex than a regular motor vehicle accident or a regular passenger car. There are many mistakes individuals can make after a truck accident. It is essential to seek help from a skilled attorney who could help you receive the maximum compensation that you deserve. Reach out to an attorney to learn about the biggest mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Dallas

Admitting Fault At The Scene Of The Truck Accident

When someone is in a crash, even if it is not their fault, it is a natural human tendency to just apologize, and that could be deemed as an admission of fault. People should never admit fault after a car wreck because they do not know at that time if it was actually their fault at all.

There are many factors that go into proving fault in a crash. Depending on the circumstances of the crash, what someone says after the crash may be important, but it could end up being a determining factor.

Refusing Immediate Medical Treatment

Usually, when a crash occurs, their adrenaline’s pumping, their heart rates increased, and they are in a state of shock. At that time, they might not actually be aware of the injuries that they may have sustained. A lawyer will always advise at least to go get checked out just to make sure there are no severe injuries. If they are hurt, then their case is going to be okay anyway, but oftentimes, they just don’t know initially that they are hurt, and it’s always better safe than sorry, and we would advise just to go and get checked out.

Failing To Follow The Doctor’s Orders

If the injured party does not follow their treatment plan or they do not follow the doctor’s orders, that could be viewed by the insurance adjuster or the defense lawyer that they are not actually hurt that bad. Generally, people that are hurt seek treatment and follow their doctor’s orders, but there are reasons why a person might not follow their doctor’s orders, and we make it explain that, but as a general rule, people that are hurt follow the doctor’s orders.

There may be a reason to explain the gap in treatment. If somebody is hurt but do not have medical insurance and they are relying on the insurance, relying on the car insurance to tell them that they can seek treatment and they do not receive word on that for a while, and a lot of people just do not want to go seek medical treatment if they had to pay for it on their own and if the insurance carrier delaying a liability determination, then the person might have an initial gap in treatment.

Alternatively, a person may have initially treated, and then there may be a gap, and they may treat again. This could be because they thought they were better, but their injury may have flared back up, or something else occurred. A gap is viewed in favor of the defense, but there are ways on the plaintiff’s side we can explain those gaps.

Accepting Compensation From An Insurance Company

Injured individuals should not accept any form of compensation until the entirety of the case has been reviewed and determination has been made on the damages. That would be both the property damage and the bodily injury damages.

There is a tactic in Texas that insurance adjusters use. Often, the insurance carrier will come in and offer a lowball amount. Insurance adjusters have the ability to go get the treatment that they need. Early on, the injured claimant may not know what their medical bills are going to be. Once they sign a release accepting payment, they cannot return the offer. That is only one time. Individuals should make sure they get all the treatments they need for their injuries and know what all the medical bills are, even future medical bills, before even considering taking payment in order to multiply to get the settlement amount that they deserve.

Initial Steps After a Collision

Initially, after an accident, individuals should seek legal help. An experienced trucking litigation attorney is going to be able to collect vital evidence, and this goal would include interviewing any, and all witnesses in the investigating the crash scene, maybe even have a crash reconstructionist on the scene as an expert to prove things up for the plaintiff side.

Often, an attorney will hire an expert in order to download the black box data on the 18-wheeler that could provide valuable evidence in the case. The attorneys could investigate, including the driver’s credentials and any prior violations on the company.

A lawyer can make sure all the proper evidence is collected, and proper medical treatment is being received by the injured party in order to maximize the amount of money they deserve for the claim.

Other Mistakes People Make After Being Involved In A Truck Accident

There are many mistakes individuals can make following a truck crash. So it is important to seek legal help as soon as possible. A local truck accident attorney could help ensure your rights are protected and help you seek compensation for all of your injuries and damages. Call today to discuss the biggest mistakes to avoid after a Dallas truck accident.