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Hello! I’m Sheanne Saplot, Claims Associate/Legal Assistant for the Aulsbrook Law Firm.

I am a registered nurse in the Philippines that wanted to venture more outside of my comfort zone. I wanted to continue growing as an individual not just in the medical field but also in my new found interest, the legal field. Aulsbrook Law Firm did a really great job shaping and sharpening me as a person and as a part of the team. I feel fulfillment being able to help people in the process of their personal injury case. Helping others has always been a passion and a sworn duty for me.

More About Sheanne Saplot

Outside working hours I like spending time with my family of three. My husband and my daughter. They have been behind all the success and inspirations I have in my life.

I also enjoy cooking and making my own recipes in the kitchen during my free time.


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