Dallas Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

Dump trucks are often in residential neighborhoods as well as in and around the Dallas landfills. Dump trucks can cause serious injuries and damages. This is because the height and weight of these vehicles put them at a higher risk for tip-overs. What is in the truck creates unique challenges for the driver because some loads are heavier than others, and then they may shift during transport, so the driver has to adjust for what they are carrying. If they failed to do so, that could serve as negligence.

If you were harmed in an accident involving a dump truck, a local truck accident attorney could help. Determine your best options with a Dallas dump truck accident lawyer right away.

Injuries That Could Occur in an Accident

Those involved in dump truck accidents can sustain horrific injuries. The most common injuries include:

Trucking Regulations

Intrastate truckers are governed by the state’s regulations. Most states adopt the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations with few exceptions. Therefore, the difference between the federal and state regulations may vary from driver’s qualifications and hours of service. These factors come into play when litigating intrastate truckers.

Intrastate truck insurance laws are based on both federal and state requirements. These trucks and companies must submit certain types of commercial insurance in order to comply with the federal insurance requirements, and typically intrastate insurance requirements are based on the weight of the truck.

What Does An Insurance Adjuster Have To Account For In a Dump Truck Accident?

Following a dump truck accident, insurance companies will investigate a collision. They will look at what happened in the actual wreck. The insurance company will look at what actions of the dump truck driver and determine if the crash could have been avoided. A seasoned dump truck accident lawyer could help a case because most individuals do not have the time or the resource to delve deeply into why the crash happened.

Sometimes lawyers are able to research and find a notion that tells them why an accident happened. Often, that information impacts the way an adjuster looks at the case and the way they evaluate the case.

Bearing Responsibility for a Collision

In many circumstances, several parties could be liable for an accident. One could be the truck owner. If not the driver, then the person who owns the truck or leasing the truck which caused the crash can potentially be liable. Whoever owned or leased the truck is responsible for ensuring that vehicle’s safety on the road. It could be the driver. If the recklessness of the truck driver was the cause of the crash that resulted in an injury, then they may be able to hold him or her liable in a claim.

In most cases, the trucking company is responsible for the actions of its employees. Third, maybe a governmental entity. Sometimes, accidents occur, and it is not the fault of the driver, but a poorly maintained and constructed road. In these cases, although rare, they may be able to hold the local appropriate parties responsible. These are very difficult to litigate because they are subject to different regulations.

Discuss Your Case With a Dallas Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

Following a dump truck accident, you should discuss your legal options with a seasoned legal professional. In truck accident cases, the injured claimant may be entitled to all available damages, both economic and non-economic. This includes compensation for property damage done to their vehicle, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life. Schedule a consultation with a Dallas dump truck accident lawyer to get started on your journey to recover compensation for damages.