Euless Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

A collision between commercial trucks and other motor vehicles on the road has the potential to cause life-altering injuries and significant property damage. For example, rollover accidents can cause devastating destruction in its wake. When a truck rolls over because of a slick road surface, a tight turn, or a sudden stop, they can cover the entire width of the road. This leaves other drivers with no chance to avoid a collision.

If you or a loved one have been injured in A Euless rollover truck accident lawyer could help to investigate the cause of an accident. A dedicated truck accident attorney could work to place the blame for these incidents on negligent truckers and to help injured parties to collect appropriate compensation for their losses.

When is a Trucker At-Fault for a Rollover Incident?

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle places a legal burden on every driver. This includes the responsibility to not place other people at an unnecessary risk of harm. All drivers must take appropriate steps to follow the rules of the road and to drive carefully and attentively.

Unfortunately, rollover accidents are a common result of poor trucker driving. Rollovers occur because these vehicles can often weigh in excess of 30 tons when fully loaded. As a result, a sudden push on the breaks, a patch of ice, or high winds can cause that vehicle to topple. When this occurs, the trailer can stretch across the full width of the road.

Even so, the fact that an incident involved a rollover is not proof of trucker fault. Courts in Euless will use the concept of modified comparative negligence to evaluate the actions of all parties to the collision. According to the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §33.003, the court may reduce an award for damages if the court believes the plaintiff to share some responsibility for the accident. A Euless rollover truck accident attorney could work to demonstrate that a rollover was the sole fault of the trucker behind the wheel.

How a Rollover Accident May Affect Injured Plaintiffs

When an accident occurs, the injured claimant’s attorney must prove exactly how a defendant’s negligence caused the collision. Claims for damages must be exact, and it falls to a plaintiff to provide direct evidence of those losses.

The central part of any accident case is the physical injuries. Rollovers can cause a driver to make a head-on collision with a trailer or truck cab. As a result, typical injuries can affect a person’s head, neck, ribs, and back. A claim for compensation will start with the costs for all necessary medical care.

In addition, most victims of truck accidents will also endure significant emotional trauma. Injured claimants may also be eligible to recover compensation for non-economic damages such as loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of consortium.

Finally, claims should evaluate how the crash has affected the finances of the plaintiff. If the accident forces a person to miss time at work to seek medical care, a defendant must provide compensation for this lost income. The more severe versions of these cases can see a person left unable to earn a living due to physical or emotional harm. Here, the defendant may also be liable to provide payments for future lost earnings. A seasoned Euless rollover truck accident attorney could help to value a claim and to pursue it for fair compensation.

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Few incidents that can occur in a person’s life have the potential to cause as devastating an injury as truck collisions. Incidents that involve rollovers are especially frightening as individuals may have no way to avoid a crash. Fortunately, those who have been injured in a tractor-trailer collision may be eligible to recover compensation for damages.

A Euless rollover truck accident lawyer is ready to help your case. They can help to gather essential evidence, to measure your losses, and to form demand packages that seek appropriate compensation. Call today to schedule a consultation.