Fort Worth Fracture Injury Lawyer

Some of the most common yet debilitating injuries that you may suffer following an accident are those that involve fractures. A fracture is another way of saying broken bone, and these injuries can range in severity from hairline cracks to compound fractures where the bones break through the skin.

A bone fracture can have a long-lasting effect on your life. Even minor fractures may require you to spend some time in the hospital, to wear a cast, and to endure lengthy physical rehabilitation to regain full use of the affected area. More serious broken bones may require surgery to correct or even may force a doctor to amputate a limb.

A Fort Worth fracture lawyer could help you if another party’s actions have resulted in your broken bone. A seasoned catastrophic injury attorney could gather the evidence needed to prove defendant fault, to leverage that evidence into great demands for compensation, and to fight for your right to receive full payments for all your losses.

Common Sources of Fracture Injuries

A bone fracture is typically the result of a sudden impact on a person’s body. Any scenario that involves the application of force onto a bone may cause that bone to break. While some individual’s bones are more brittle than others, there are some common incidents that may result in broken bones.

Perhaps the most common is an accident that takes place on Fort Worth’s roads. Any person who endures a car accident, a truck accident, a bicycle accident, or a collision while walking is subjected to the full force of the defendant’s vehicle. This can easily break bones resulting in severe injuries.

A fracture accident could occur from simple slips and falls. Even tumbling to the ground from a standing position may break arms or legs if a plaintiff falls at an awkward angle. Falls from greater heights such as down a flight of stairs may also affect a person’s back or skull.

A seasoned fracture injury lawyer in Fort Worth could help people who have endured broken bones because of the actions of others. They could work to discover the facts behind the incident that led to the fracture injury and to demonstrate that another party’s actions were responsible for the accident.

Proving Defendant Fault Following a Fracture

The mere fact that an incident resulted in a fracture is not enough to bring compensation following an injury. Even plaintiffs who suffer these harsh losses must be able to prove that another party was responsible for the event that resulted in that loss. Usually, this means proving that a defendant was negligent.

Negligence is a legal concept that holds people responsible for their actions following an accident. However, negligence is not a universal concept. A person can only be negligent if they accept a duty to protect another person. Examples of this include drivers of car or trucks, landowners who invite guests onto their property, or dog owners who allow their animals to run off leash in public areas. If a defendant fails in this duty to keep others safe, and an injury occurs, that defendant is legally responsible for any resulting damage.

Comparative Negligence

Even so, defendants may attempt to shift blame for the incident onto the injured plaintiffs. Courts in Fort Worth and around the State use the concept of modified comparative negligence to assign fault in accident cases. According to Tx. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §33.003, juries will apportion blame to all people involved in the incident and reduce a plaintiff’s award by their percentage of fault in the fracture claim. Furthermore, if a jury believes that a plaintiff is more than half at-fault, that plaintiff cannot recover any compensation. A knowledgeable Fort Worth fracture injury lawyer could help to demonstrate defendant fault and to shield plaintiffs against any attempted defenses involving proportionate responsibility.

Let a Fort Worth Fracture Injury Attorney Help

Broken bones are painful injuries that can leave a lasting impact on your life. Even if that fracture eventually heals, you will need to undergo serious surgery, may have to live with a cast for several weeks, and may even require physical rehabilitation to return to health. More serious fracture injuries may require surgery to correct, necessitate the implantation of pins or screws, or may cause a doctor to amputate the affected area.

No matter how severe a broken bone may be, you are only entitled to compensation if another party is at fault. This can include scenarios involving accidents as well as intentional attacks. A Fort Worth fracture injury lawyer could help you to pursue these defendants for the payments needed to set things right. They can work to investigate the incident, to research the relevant laws, to measure your losses, and to demand full payments in settlement talks and court. You have only two years from the date of injury to start a case, so do not hesitate; contact a Fort Worth fracture injury attorney today.