Truck Accidents Caused by Unsafe Lane Changes in Irving

18-wheelers help transport goods throughout the city and ensure that they keep moving safely on their way throughout the country. Unfortunately, truck accidents caused by unsafe lane changes in Irving can lead to substantial injuries for everyone involved. Following a crash, you should consult a semi wreck attorney as soon as possible to learn more about your right to compensation.

What Could Cause an Irving Trucker to Dangerously Change Lanes?

Big rigs have large blind spots, which are areas in which the driver cannot see what happens around them. While modern trailers can come equipped with cameras down the sides of the vehicle, those cameras could malfunction. Truck drivers who do not have cameras on their vehicles have to get used to checking their blind spots on a regular basis, decreasing the risk of a severe accident.

Unfortunately, some Irving semi drivers do not look carefully enough before merging into a different lane, causing a wreck. They could fail to check their blind spots or lose track of the vehicles around them, especially if those vehicles spend extended time in a blind spot.

Third Parties Causing Lane Change Crashes

Other drivers can also cause unsafe lane change wrecks with 18-wheelers. A vehicle that merges over too close in front of a truck, especially if the driver of the merging vehicle slams on their brakes, can quickly cause a severe collision. Many drivers take unnecessary chances because they do not realize how much more room an 18-wheeler needs to maneuver than the average passenger vehicle.

Steps to Take after a Semi Wreck Caused by Lane Merging

A driver in Irving who was hit by a trailer dangerously changing lanes should follow the correct process to improve the odds of recovering the compensation they deserve.

Report the Accident

Drivers should report the collision to the police immediately. They should not drive away from the crash scene without reporting it, even if they suffer only property damage. The police will let the driver know what steps to take next and account for witness statements. This is important later on in a case, as a police report may provide evidence against the at-fault party.

Seek Medical Care

18-wheelers weigh several times more than the average passenger vehicle and can cause substantial damage to anyone around them. People injured in a semi collision might try to avoid going to the hospital if they feel they can. However, seeking medical care ensures that they receive the proper treatment for their injuries and provide them with proof of when their injuries occurred. This makes it easier for them to pursue compensation for their harm in the future.

Contact an Attorney

People harmed in a trailer wreck should not try to handle a claim independently. These types of crashes frequently involve a complex investigation and require eagle-eyed attention to detail. An Irving attorney could help review that evidence and the extent of injuries and the losses faced by the injured party, put together the claim, and help fight for the compensation deserved for those injuries.

Contact an Irving Truck Accident Lawyer As Soon As Possible

If you suffered in a truck accident caused by an unsafe lane change in Irving, do not try to handle your claim on your own. Instead, get in touch with an experienced big rig collision attorney as soon as you can to review the circumstances that led to your crash and get more information about the compensation you may deserve. Call now to learn more about your options.