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Getting hurt because someone else was careless or reckless around you is aggravating and often even more frustrating when you experience financial and personal losses due to your injuries. Fortunately, by knowing your rights and understanding how to enforce them effectively, you can hold the person who hurt legally liable for the impact their reckless actions have had—and will continue to have—on your life.

That said, filing a comprehensive personal injury lawsuit and achieving a successful result is far from a simple task, as any experienced attorney could affirm. Therefore, working with a skilled Southlake personal injury lawyer is crucial when you want the best chances of securing a positive case outcome.

Who Is At Fault for a Personal Injury?

While there are some exceptions for injuries occurring under specific circumstances, most personal injury lawsuits in Texas are built on the principle of “negligence.” In short, someone is negligent when they owe someone else a duty to keep them safe and violate that duty by acting recklessly in a way that causes an injury.

Common accidents that could serve as grounds for civil litigation when they lead to an injury include the following:

Negligence can look very different depending on the circumstances leading up to an accident and even on the specific people involved—for example, doctors are held to a higher standard when practicing medicine than drivers operating motor vehicles. A hardworking attorney in Southlake could investigate the circumstances of an injury, determine who is responsible, and fight to hold the negligent party accountable for the damages.

Recoverable Damages Following a Personal Injury

A successful personal injury claim can compensate an injured person for every past and future loss an accident causes. On the economic side, financial recovery typically centers around medical expenses but can also include personal property damage, lost short-term working income, and diminished earning capacity, if applicable.

On the other hand, non-economic losses center mainly around physical pain and suffering in most cases but can also result in losses like emotional distress, psychological trauma, and lost enjoyment of life.

Comparative Fault

In some cases, the “plaintiff” filing a claim may be partially to blame for their own damages if they also acted negligently in some way. This concept—known as “comparative fault”—could lead to a significant reduction in the victim’s final award amount.

A knowledgeable lawyer in Southlake could discuss what damages a plaintiff can recover and ensure they are not liable for their injuries.

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Personal injury litigation can be complicated, even when it seems evident that someone else is at fault for causing the accident. In more complex situations, guidance from experienced legal counsel can be vital to achieving a positive case result as well as getting the compensation you need and deserve.

A Southlake personal injury lawyer could work tenaciously on your behalf to preserve your rights and protect your future. Call today to learn more and schedule a confidential consultation with a legal team member.