Southlake Paraplegia Injury Lawyer

Receiving the news that you are paralyzed is devastating. You will likely have to make drastic adjustments in how you go about your daily life. If someone else played a part in causing your paralysis, they should be legally responsible for the cost of your medical bills, expenses, and other losses.

In such challenging times, seeking compensation is likely the last thing on your or your family’s mind. However, guidance from a Southlake paraplegia injury lawyer could give you clarity on whether pursuing a legal claim for compensation is a viable option. If you do have a case, they could handle every aspect of the legal process while you focus on your recovery.

Understanding Paraplegic Injuries

Paraplegia is a type of paralysis characterized by a patient’s loss of movement or sensations in certain parts of their body.

Location of Spinal Damage

The location of the trauma along a patient’s spinal cord determines the areas affected by their paralysis. With a paraplegic injury, a patient experiences an injury below their neck or cervical spine, leading to an inability to control or move their lower body, including their legs. Some paraplegic patients also experience paralysis in their abdominal region. Generally, individuals with paraplegia maintain full functionality in their arms and upper body.

Extent of Spinal Damage

Paraplegia is determined by the severity of damage to a patient’s spinal cord. Some patients with paraplegia retain limited motor control and sensations in their affected areas, while those with complete spinal injuries have total loss of feeling or movement.

Frequent Causes of Paraplegia

Most commonly, paraplegia occurs as a result of spinal cord injuries that happened in the following situations:

A diligent lawyer in Southlake could investigate the circumstances of a paraplegia injury to learn why it happened and who could bear potential liability.

Effects of Paraplegic Injuries

People with paraplegia frequently experience debilitating changes in many areas of their lives.


People with paraplegia often cannot walk and must learn to use wheelchairs. Even though they might not experience sensations in their legs, they can experience excruciating chronic nerve pain near the site of the spinal trauma. Incontinence, loss of bowel control, and impotence are also likely to occur. Additionally, because of their immobility, they are at risk of blood clots and pressure sores.

Emotional and Mental

A paraplegia injury can also take a deep toll on a patient’s mental well-being. They might need to rely on other people to get through each day, which could lead to a loss of independence and quality of life. Feelings of depression and anxiety are common responses to these life changes.


Many people with paraplegia are unable to perform the same jobs that they held prior to their injury. They might have to take a lower-paying job or potentially stop working altogether. Additionally, the medical and care costs associated with paraplegia can be staggering.

A compassionate attorney who understands the complexity of these challenges could offer invaluable support. By collaborating closely with medical professionals and experts, a Southlake paraplegia injury attorney could help calculate what compensation a patient might need to live comfortably now and into the future.

Enlist the Help of a Southlake Paraplegia Injury Attorney Today

While a paraplegia injury will undoubtedly change your life, it does not have to define it. With the compensation you could receive in a successful lawsuit against the person responsible for harming you, you could gain access to the best possible medical treatment and assistive care. Consult a Southlake paraplegia injury lawyer today to learn about your legal rights and explore your options.