Fatal Fall at North Laredo Construction Site

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A man working on a construction site in North Laredo, Texas died after falling 30 feet from the construction site. The incident happened on August 20. The man, whose identity has not been released, was rushed to a local hospital where he later died due to the injuries from the fall. The man was 59 years old.

An investigation by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), created within the Department of Labor to ensure worker safety and health protection for working Americans, has announced that it will investigate the accident. Although the administration cannot comment on the incident or any details surrounding the death, they believe that the investigation will take roughly six months before a verdict can be announced. The construction company abided by proper protocol with reporting the incident within eight hours.

The Administration stated that they will be checking the construction company’s records, to see what equipment was involved in the accident and other occupational hazards that could have been involved. OSHA will also interview any potential witnesses and the other workers who were at the site at the time of the fall.

OSHA officials will review the history of the company to determine if there have been prior incidents similar to the fall to see if there is a common thread of negligence or other components to why the fall occurred.

The Purpose of OSHA

Created by Congress in 1970, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is responsible for ensuring the safety of working Americans across multiple industries.

Even though OSHA has generated industry-specific standards for many businesses, the administration has explicitly outlined regulations for construction sites. From ensuring mandatory fall protection to requiring that machines and equipment are routinely checked, OSHA has reduced the number of Americans that suffer injuries while at the workplace.

While the administration strives for a healthy workplace without hazards, often there are times when safety standards are disregarded, leaving workers vulnerable despite best efforts by OSHA.

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While a construction company must abide by strict regulations set by OSHA and other safety organizations, some construction companies may not do everything in their power to protect you from foreseeable harm. When a construction company fails to adequately protect those who work on the site, severe and often fatal mistakes can occur.

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