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Serech was born and raised in Hot Springs, Arkansas before moving to Fort Worth for law school. He became a lawyer because he wanted to stand up for the “little guys” and make sure that they received adequate compensation for being wronged. He graduated from Texas A&M School of Law in May of 2020 and passed the bar the summer of 2020. He is currently licensed in both Arkansas and Texas.

Serech has always had a high value on customer service and all of his jobs during high school and undergrad were customer service-based jobs. Before joining Aulsbrook to manage the pre-litigation department, Serech was at Patterson Law Group for a year and a half learning as much as he could from the great mentors over there.

Outside of his work life, he lives with his beautiful girlfriend, Kaitlyn, and their perfect daughter, Zyah. They also have a lovely dog, ChewbaccaLu. Family is one of the most important things in his life, so he always tries to be available for family and to travel back to Arkansas to see family when he can.

Serech Kissire

Serech enjoys basketball, watching movies, and playing video games with friends. A fun fact about him is that he used to play video games professionally during the undergraduate years and he made good money on the side to help pay for some college expenses. Some of his all-time favorite movies include: The Dark Knight, I am Legend, Pulp Fiction, and Whiplash.

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