Rodelyn Llorico

Rodelyn LloricoMBMR- Legal Assistant

Rod has been working with us since 2019!

Throughout the years, she has remained focused on her job and has never missed a day at work. Her expertise lies in ensuring that all documentary requirements are in, accurate and readily available to provide the best assistance to the Case Managers and clients.

Regardless of her long hours at work, she never fails to make time to help others through her mini in-house animal shelter called Project Compassion, where she houses and provides for 30 rescued dogs and 50 rescued cats.

The positive energy she puts out empowers women from all walks of life; when time permits, she occasionally takes the opportunity to do community talks raising Animal Welfare awareness and encouraging more women to live beyond expectations.

Above all else, she never gives up and does her best to improve herself more.


More About Rodelyn Llorico

In 2023, after being out school for more than a decade, she finally finished her degree in Political Science at Arellano University. She is now pursuing her dream of becoming a lawyer as an incoming L2 law student at Arellano School of Law.

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