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Rodelyn Llorico, better known as Rod to clients and friends is from San Mateo Rizal Philippines, the youngest amongst 6 children, an independent woman who started working at an early age to send herself to school.

Her scope of work involves calling the Hospitals and Medical Providers to request for the bills and records of the clients and makes sure that all the important records are completed on time.

More About Rodelyn Llorico

She studied Political Science at University of the East while working as a housemaid and later on decided to shift to Secondary Education Major in English  at Philippine Normal University,  to hopefully pursue a teaching career in Korea since her dream of becoming a lawyer was too impossible then but while doing so she was working at JP Morgan Chase Bank, as a Fraud Analyst to support herself and her family since her father was no longer able to work.

Despite everything she had to go through Rod, held on tight to her faith, and made sure to always be in touch with her mother who was secretly giving her moral supports in all her endeavors. Her strong faith to the Lord and her love for her mother were the only reasons she kept going and because she felt abandoned and somehow mistreated she grew such a big heart for those who are in need of love and protection which made her become an animal welfare advocate.

Apart from working so hard for her own survival and be able to support her family she also has a mini shelter for stray cats and dogs that were abandoned and mistreated. She has been rescuing and giving them shelter for almost 12 years now, without any assistance from other organizations.

Today, she has 9 dogs and 28 cats as companions and family for her mother had already succumbed to lung cancer 3 years ago while her father died due to chronic kidney failure almost a year ago.

Besides being an animal welfare advocate and a stray feeder Rod is also known as an ambassador of a bike called LIV, a bike created by Giant specifically for women.

She’s a founder of LivCyclingPH, an all-women cycling group created to encourage more women to get into cycling and to actually live their lives beyond expectations. She goes far places only with her bikes like a 250KM long ride for a day to inspire women that everything is possible. She organizes races and other events to promote the benefit of cycling and empower women at the same time.

She manages her own pages called The Journey of a Fat Biker, LivCyclingPh, and Project Compawssion that she uses as venues to write about her experiences and possibly reach more people who would be interested in doing the same things.

She’s an adventurous soul that loves to always push herself to her limits, she has a soft yet very resilient heart that drives her to always be good at what she does.

Her future plans are to contribute more to the company she’s working for, Aulsbrook Law Firm, and be able to visit them one day. To buy a bigger place for the shelter where the cats and dogs can actually play around longer or all day.

For now, though Rod had so many difficulties in life, she lives happily and contented with however little she has but she never stops learning, listening, and adapting for a more progressive and improved life. Above all, she never stops encouraging and inspiring others who are in the same phases of life where she used to be.

She is such an outgoing person, who is easy to get along and fun to be with, someone you wouldn’t want to miss talking to or be friends with.

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