Catherine Asoy

Catherine AsoyMBMR Legal Assistant

Hi! I’m Catherine and I’m in-charge in obtaining Medical Records and Itemized Billing with Affidavits to providers such as Hospitals, Ambulances, Hospital Radiology, Emergency Room Physicians, and more by sending request via Fax, Emails, and Online.

I am a proud mother of two wonderful kids. In my free time, I love to be outdoors and hangout with my children at the park, playground, and mall for some family bonding time as they are still on the stage where they explore a lot.

Being a Mom and a full-time employee is never really easy. With the ability to prioritize my family during the day, I diligently work through the night and work hard to keep my focus on my time management. I am grateful for the support I have from my family as a working mother.

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This year, I am highly focused on my health goals and maintain proper nutrition and exercise. I am goal oriented and have confidence I can reach the goals I’ve set this year and continue to be an outstanding example for my children of what you can do when you put your mind to something!

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