Erica Nique

Erica NiqueExecutive Assistant to COO

Erica, a soon-to-be graduate with a Psychology degree, embodies resilience and GRIT. Taking on the responsibility of breadwinner at 16 instilled in her a strong work ethic and adaptability. From the lively energy of a wet market to the administrative world of the mayor’s office, Erica tackled diverse challenges with a smile. Her entrepreneurial spirit blossomed when she sold homemade goodies, and she honed her communication skills as a customer service representative.

Erica is the go-to person for Aulsbrook Law Firm’s Chief Operating Officer, Kelly Bozeman. Whether assisting with social media, graphics, procedural documents, or transcribing conference content for Kelly, Erica is readily available to jump in and help!

Erica’s dedication is unwavering, and she is highly valued on our team.

Erica’s fascination with human behavior led her to pursue Psychology. Witnessing the world through her various jobs sparked a curiosity about the motivations and experiences that shape people’s lives. Perhaps a specific interaction or glimpse into the lives of those she met ignited her desire to delve deeper into the human psyche.

More About Erica Nique

Beyond work, Erica’s hobbies reflect her multifaceted personality. Captivating romance novels balance with the intrigue of true-crime documentaries, and legal dramas and Korean soap operas add a touch of lighthearted entertainment. This blend speaks to her empathy, intrigue, and desire for a well-rounded life.

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