Fort Worth Bus Accident Lawyer 

Collisions with a bus could have devastating consequences. Buses could cause serious damage, and individuals could sustain significant injuries. However, just because you have suffered a severe injury does not mean that you are entitled to compensation. Proving negligence is only one part of a complex legal framework that you must complete in order to collect compensation.

If you or a loved one were injured in a crash due to the negligent actions of another, a Fort Worth bus accident lawyer could help you prove your case in and out of court. This includes the necessary gathering of evidence, the formation of demand packages, and representing your interests every step of the way. Speak to a dedicated personal injury attorney in Texas to learn about your legal options. En Español.

Negligence in Fort Worth Common Carrier Wrecks

The goal of a diligent public transit crash attorney in Fort Worth is to prove the defendant’s actions or lack thereof, are solely to blame for an accident occurring. However, the defendant may try to shift blame onto the plaintiff.

The state uses a concept of law known as modified comparative negligence to assign blame following an accident. Under Texas Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 33.003, the courts must apportion a percentage of blame to all parties involved in the crash. If the court determines that a plaintiff is 51 percent or more to blame for the collision, the plaintiff cannot recover any compensation. A knowledgeable attorney could prove the defendant’s negligence and argue against claims of shared negligence.

Determining Liable Parties in a Public Transit Crash

Bus accidents are unique among most accident cases in that a defendant may be a government entity. If a person suffers an injury in a collision with a city bus or is injured while riding as a passenger in a city bus, they could demand compensation outside of the traditional civil court process.

In the past, people injured by the government or the government’s agents did not have any recourse to demand compensation. This concept, known as sovereign immunity, meant that governments never had any obligation to provide payments to any injured citizens. Thankfully, Texas Civ. Prac. & Rem. § 101.021 states that government entities take responsibility for the actions of their employees if those actions cause an injury while operating a motor vehicle.

Private bus companies could also share the responsibility to provide payments for injuries caused by their negligent drivers. The legal concept known as agency means that employers are liable for any poor actions taken by their employees. This means that a plaintiff injured in an accident with a privately owned bus may sue both the driver and the bus company for their losses. A common carrier collision attorney in Fort Worth could identify the owner of the bus in question and pursue that owner for fair compensation.

Call a Fort Worth Bus Accident Attorney Right Away

The law states that all bus drivers have a duty to protect all other people that they encounter while on the road. This applies to both city buses and private coaches. If the drivers of these vehicles cause your injuries, they could be held accountable for their negligent actions.

A Fort Worth bus accident lawyer could help you to demand compensation for your injuries and damages. They can handle every portion of the claim, from gathering the necessary evidence and identifying the proper defendants to representing your interests both in and out of court. Contact an experienced attorney today to schedule a consultation.