Irving Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury can have a devastating effect on every part of your life. Immediately after sustaining an injury, you should seek appropriate medical treatment. However, these incidents could also leave you with significant financial losses and a reduction in your quality of life.

If you or a loved one were injured due to the negligent actions of another, an Irving personal injury lawyer could help you seek compensation. These situations can include accidents that result in injuries as well as intentional acts of violence that run concurrently with criminal cases. Speak to an experienced attorney to learn about your legal rights and options.

Common Accident Injuries in Irving

The vast majority of personal injuries can be attributed to the accidental conduct of defendants. However, just because a defendant did not intend to cause an injury does not mean they are not liable. Many defendants assume a duty of care to protect others. When they fail in this duty and an injury results, that defendant is liable to pay for the subsequent damages.

Still, a defendant being negligent does not guarantee a plaintiff every dollar of compensation that they are demanding. Texas Civil Practices & Remedies Code §33.003 says that courts hearing personal injury claims based on negligence must evaluate the actions of both plaintiffs and defendants to assign blame. If that court believes the plaintiff shares a percentage of blame, the court must reduce that plaintiff’s award by their percentage of fault.

This concept applies to all versions of personal injury claims based on accidents, including:

An experienced Irving personal injury attorney could help injured individuals to pursue claims that center around negligent defendants causing accidents.

Interactions between Civil Claims for Damages and Criminal Charges

The other source of personal injuries is criminal acts. These can include assaults, kidnappings, incidents of arson, or homicides. Defendants who intentionally inflict injuries are liable to provide compensation to their victims. However, it is almost certain that the District Attorney will pursue a concurrent criminal case.

It is important to understand how these two cases may interact. First, a criminal court can never order a defendant to provide compensation to a victim for personal injuries. To receive these payments, victims of crimes must pursue separate civil claims on their own initiative.

An Irving lawyer could help people pursue personal injury cases that arise out of acts of intentional violence.

Seek Help from an Irving Personal Injury Attorney

The aftermath of a personal injury may leave you scared and confused. You may be wondering what your legal rights may be, how you will pay for necessary medical care, and what impact this incident will have on your finances. The simple fact is that defendants who are at-fault for an injury are liable to provide compensation for all your losses. These include medical bills, lost wages, and emotional anguish.

An Irving personal injury lawyer could help you pursue these payments. In the case of accidents, they can gather the evidence that proves a defendant to be negligent and responsible for your losses. In situations involving criminal acts, an attorney works to track the outcome of any criminal case to see if a conviction may serve as evidence in your civil claim for damages. Every personal injury case has a time limit, and this will vary based on the type of claim. Contact our team today to get started on your case.