Dallas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcyclists in the Dallas have thousands of miles of highway to travel on their bikes. Many bikers get out every weekend to enjoy the open road, and some even ride their motorcycles on their daily commute through city traffic.

Unfortunately, motorbikes are as dangerous as they are fun. Many drivers are insufficiently attentive to these small vehicles and either fail to anticipate a biker’s likely moves or do not see them at all. Motorbikes offer no protection to the rider, so even relatively minor collisions can cause serious injuries.

Injured bikers could seek money damages if someone else’s negligence contributed to their accident. A hardworking personal injury attorney could discuss the situation with you and help you determine whether filing a claim is a good move in your case.

Laws Governing Dallas Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists in Texas must have a Class M motorcycle license. Obtaining the M license requires having a driver’s license and completing a basic skills course. Applicants under the age of 18 also must take a road test; all applicants must pass a written test about traffic laws pertaining to motorbikes.

Are Bikers Under The Age of 21 Required to Wear a Helmet?

All bikers under age 21 in Dallas must wear a motorcycle helmet. Other riders are exempt from the helmet requirement if they have taken a motorcycle safety course or can prove that they have at least $10,000 in medical insurance. Police may not pull over a helmet-less rider for the sole purpose of determining whether they are legally exempt from the helmet requirement.

Are Motorcyclists Legally Able to Pass Slower-Moving Vehicles?

Texas Vehicle and Traffic Law §545.053 directs that vehicles may only pass slower-moving vehicles on the left and must leave a safe distance between vehicles. Motorcyclists may be tempted to engage in “lane splitting,” or passing between two vehicles stuck in traffic, but this law prohibits that maneuver.

Negligent Biker May Collect Damages

A diligent attorney in Dallas representing a biker who was hurt in a crash must demonstrate that someone else’s negligence was a primary contributor to the event. Without negligence, there is no claim for damages.

Sometimes, the biker is negligent, but that will not necessarily bar them from collecting damages from other negligent parties. In a personal injury lawsuit, the Judge determines how much fault rests with each party. If the Judge decides that a biker is less than 50 percent responsible for the accident, they could still collect damages from parties who hold more blame.

When a judge finds a motorcyclist partially to blame for their injuries, it affects their damages. The Judge will reduce a damages award by an amount that reflects the biker’s degree of responsibility for the accident.

Allow a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Dallas to Steer You to Recovery

Motorbike collisions can cause significant, even permanent injuries and almost always cause some emotional trauma. If you are a biker recovering from a motorcycle wreck, you need time and space to focus on regaining your health. You do not need to be harassed by insurance company lawyers eager to settle your case for a fraction of what you deserve. Instead, let a seasoned legal professional handle your claim and free yourself to focus on your family and your recovery.

It is important to act quickly because the law gives injured persons only two years to file a lawsuit for damages. Once that period is up, if you have not a filed a suit you will lose all your leverage with insurance companies. Contact a Dallas motorcycle accident lawyer today to schedule a free consultation.