Euless Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

A catastrophic injury can change the life of the victim as well as the lives of their family and friends. The mental, emotional, physical, and economic impacts can be tremendous and remain or even increase over time. When someone else’s irresponsible behavior contributed to the cause of the injury, that person could be held liable for damages

Let a skilled personal injury attorney could help your case. A Euless catastrophic injury lawyer could help guide you through the legal process, handle paperwork and answer questions from investigators, and help you avoid mistakes that could jeopardize your ability to receive compensation to meet future needs.

Catastrophic Injuries Can Arise from Many Causes

There are different definitions of what constitutes a catastrophic injury. In some places, catastrophic injuries refer to damage to the central nervous system. Other definitions are much broader, encompassing any injury that requires significant recovery time.

A catastrophic injury is harm that leaves permanent, substantial damage. Examples of catastrophic injuries include:

What Are Common Causes of Catastrophic Injuries?

Catastrophic injuries may be caused by a variety of factors. Car and truck accidents frequently lead to catastrophic injuries. However, medical errors falls due to hazardous conditions, defective products, and many other causes can also lead to a catastrophic injury.

Compensation for the Future

When someone suffers a catastrophic injury, their attorney will need to prove that another person’s conduct contributed to more than half of the causation of the injury. After the attorney is able to establish negligence, then that person may be eligible to receive compensation or damages from the responsible party.

Injured claimants could receive damages to cover past expenses, provide for future needs, and make up for pain and other intangible effects. Amounts may be recovered for each relevant factor regardless of whether a case proceeds to trial or settles in advance.

A skilled catastrophic injury lawyer in Euless could calculate the value of anticipated future medical expenses, modifications to living arrangements, caregivers, lost wages, and other economic losses. Using legal precedent, an attorney could also calculate a fair value for noneconomic losses such as emotional anguish and loss of enjoyment of life. These figures provide a guideline to evaluate the fairness of any settlement offers received.

What Is The Deadline To File a Claim After a Severe Accident? 

The statute of limitations restricts the amount of time a catastrophic injury victim is given to file a claim for damages. In most cases, Texas Civil Practices & Remedies Code §16.003 requires a lawsuit to be prepared and filed within two years of the day of the injury. Claims filed after this deadline will be rejected by the courts.

A skilled Euless catastrophic injury attorney could work to ensure a case is ready within the statutory period. For many reasons, it is wise to start working with an attorney well before the deadline becomes an issue.

Contact a Euless Catastrophic Injury Attorney Today

To prove that another person’s actions are responsible for causing a catastrophic injury, it is necessary to present evidence to prove liability. The best time to collect and preserve vital evidence is shortly after the event that caused the injury. As time passes, witnesses can be hard to locate, and their memory fades. Recordings of an incident may be erased. A Euless catastrophic injury lawyer could take steps right away to secure evidence for use in settlement negotiations or at trial.

Even though compensation from a lawsuit cannot erase a catastrophic injury, the damages may reduce the financial impact on the family and ease your worries for the future. To learn more about what may be possible in your case, call now for a free consultation.