Bedford Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Because the brain cannot always heal on its own after sustaining significant trauma from an external impact, accidents that result in severe blows to the head or neck tend to have particularly devastating consequences. While even mild traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can be disruptive to your personal and professional life, moderate-to-severe TBIs can—and all too often do—cause permanent and debilitating damage.

When you suffer brain damage in an accident you did not cause, you have the right to demand civil restitution. A seasoned catastrophic injury attorney could help you effectively pursue this compensation. With a capable Bedford traumatic brain injury lawyer on your side, you will have the best chance of securing a favorable case outcome and protecting your future. Call today.

Recovering for Long-Term Effects of Brain Damage

Because brain damage can result in lifelong losses of motor, sensory, and cognitive function, it is especially important when filing suit for a TBI to account for the short-term and long-term effects of the defendant’s misconduct. In practice, this requires identifying the harm that serious brain damage will likely cause the injured person in the years and even decades following their accident, estimating the financial impact of each injury, and demanding restitution for potential losses in advance.

On the economic side, it is vital to recover compensation for medical expenses, including physical therapy, assistive medical equipment, home or vehicle modifications, and in-home assistance. Likewise, lost earning capacity can add up to hundreds of thousands—even millions—of dollars in lost income, particularly when a TBI affects someone in their 20s or 30s.

Non-economic recovery typically centers around physical suffering but can also account for emotional anguish, psychological distress, lost quality of life, and lost consortium with a spouse. A knowledgeable attorney in Bedford could provide vital assistance when identifying recoverable losses and seeking fair financial recovery following a TBI.

Possible Obstacles to Effective Recovery

Unfortunately, even those who sustain life-altering brain damage are not immune to liability, and often the court will find them responsible for causing their own injury. Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §§33.001 through 33.017, when the court assigns a TBI victim a percentage of “comparative fault,” it can proportionately reduce the victim’s total available compensation or bar them from recovering payments entirely, depending on the amount of fault they bear.

Furthermore, TX Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §16.003 allows a maximum of two years for anyone injured by another person’s negligence to file suit against the negligent party. Therefore, it is vital to seek restitution for expected TBI-related losses—ideally with assistance from an experienced lawyer in Bedford—long before they happen.

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Whether it heals over time or has permanent repercussions, brain damage is one of the most universally harmful outcomes that a traumatic accident can have. In either scenario, you deserve to receive restitution for the negative effects of your TBI—especially when it happens because someone else was irresponsible around you.

Discussing your potential claim with a Bedford traumatic brain injury lawyer could be a positive step toward recovering financial compensation and getting the justice you deserve. Schedule a consultation with a legal team member by calling today.