Liability in Dallas Bus Accident Cases

When you are hurt in an accident involving a commercial or private bus that you did nothing to cause, you should not be the one who has to pay for your injuries and losses—especially when someone else’s misconduct causes the crash. However, figuring out who is legally responsible for this sort of incident can be a deceptively complicated process, especially when you are unfamiliar with how the state governs these civil claims.

Therefore, establishing liability in Dallas bus accident cases can be easier with guidance from a seasoned bus accident lawyer. By working closely with a legal professional who knows from experience how to get positive results from cases like yours, you could more effectively enforce your rights and have a better chance of recovering the compensation you deserve.

What Makes Someone Liable for a Bus Accident?

In many ways, liability for a public transportation crash works like any other auto accident claim. Every driver on the road owes a “duty” to everyone else around them to act responsibly and lawfully behind the wheel. Anyone who causes a crash resulting in injury by “breaching” this duty is legally “negligent” and, therefore, financially liable for the victim’s losses.

Bus drivers in Dallas, in particular, have a broad duty of care thanks to their status as “common carriers,” so they can be liable not only for injuries they cause to passengers and others through traffic collisions but also for injuries they cause passengers by operating their bus in an unsafe way. For instance, when a bus driver accelerates too quickly away from a stop and causes a passenger who is boarding to fall and get hurt, the driver could be considered “negligent,” just like they would be if they injured that passenger by wrecking.

In many situations, the companies and organizations that employ negligent bus drivers also hold “vicarious liability” for the irresponsible actions of their employees, which means they can be named as defendants in ensuing civil claims. This is possible under the legal doctrine of respondeat superior, a concept that a knowledgeable attorney could explain in more detail.

Unique Restrictions on Public Bus Crash Liability

Typically, a negligent person who bears fault for a bus accident—or any accident resulting in personal injury—is liable for the total value of the victim’s ensuing losses, including economic and non-economic harm. Notably, the Texas Tort Claims Act puts “caps” on how much liability local governments and municipalities can hold in bus accident claims involving public transit operators in Dallas.

When filing suit against a “unit of local government,” no individual plaintiff can recover more than $100,000 for personal injury. Likewise, the government entity cannot be held liable for more than $300,000 of injuries or more than $100,000 of property damage in a single accident. While the same property damage cap applies to claims against municipalities, personal injury caps are $250,000 per plaintiff and $500,000 per case.

An Attorney in Dallas Could Answer Questions About Liability in Bus Accident Cases

Figuring out who is liable for a bus accident requires substantial evidence from numerous sources, as well as months of planning and research to build a compelling civil claim. You cannot expect to accomplish a civil claim on your own, particularly while dealing with the physical, financial, and personal effects of a serious injury.

Fortunately, a dedicated legal professional could help prove liability in Dallas bus accident cases. Call today to learn more.