Dallas Burn Injury Lawyer

Every year, people in Dallas suffer life-changing and sometimes fatal burn injuries. The emotional pain and the physical after-effects of a severe burn can linger for years and may even be permanent.

A serious burn could leave you with long-lasting scars. Physically, burns can injure your skin, as well as the underlying nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and bones. Emotionally, you may be in unbearable pain, and you may feel depressed.

You might also be struggling financially and unable to pay your medical bills, especially if your injury has made it impossible for you to work or replace the wages that you lost during your recuperation.

If you suspect that another person or company did something to cause your burn, a Dallas burn injury lawyer may be able to help you. Our experienced catastrophic injury attorneys have the experience and the proven record of success with personal injury claims.

What Causes a Burn Injury?

Although many people think that burns only come from flames, burn injuries can stem from several different sources.

Thermal Burns

Thermal burns happen when skin comes into contact with the following:

  • Flames, such as in a house fire or car accident
  • Flash heat, such as from a natural gas explosion
  • Hot liquids which scald skin, such as water, tar, oil, grease, or even hot coffee
  • Hot surfaces, such as when a person touches a hot pan
  • Steam

Excessive heat leads to thermal burn injuries.

Chemical Burns

Chemical or caustic burn injuries occur when skin, mouth, eyes, or internal organs come into contact with a corrosive acid or alkali substance. When a person inhales toxic fumes, they can end up with serious chemical burns. Frequently, people receive chemical burns in industrial accidents.

Electrical Burns

Electrical burns also frequently occur after industrial incidents or car wrecks. They happen when a person touches high-voltage electric wires, damaged electrical outlets, or electrical cords. Thermal burns can damage a person’s skin and also cause internal injuries.

Radiation Burns

Gamma, beta, and alpha radiation can cause radiation burns. Radiation burns can occur in medical settings, such as with x-rays or radiation therapy. Radiation burns can also come from sunburns caused by overexposure to the sun or tanning beds.

A skilled attorney in Dallas has experience helping people who have endured many different types of burn injuries. They would investigate the accident that led to the burn to see if they can identify the exact cause and who, if anyone, bears legal responsibility for the injuries.

Classifications of Burns

After identifying the potentially responsible parties, a seasoned attorney would look at the burn injury to determine what kind of compensation to pursue. Doctors generally classify burns according to their severity. The following are the different degrees of burns that doctors recognize:

  • First-degree burns: These superficial burns affect just the first layer of skin, and usually do not require medical care or result in permanent scarring.
  • Second-degree burns: These burns affect two layers of skin and may be painful, require surgery, and leave permanent scarring.
  • Third-degree burns: These serious burns damage all skin layers and underlying tissue and usually require extensive surgery, such as skin grafting.
  • Fourth-degree burns: These dangerous and often fatal burns damage all layers of the skin, as well as the underlying tissues, muscles, and bones.

An experienced Dallas lawyer would review a claimant’s medical records and speak with their doctors to fully understand the severity of the claimant’s burn injury. After determining the claimant’s future prognosis, our team of dedicated legal representatives would pursue a financial damages award that could meet the claimant’s future needs.

Reach Out to a Burn Injury Attorney in Dallas for Legal Assistance

If you have suffered a serious burn injury, it is imperative to meet with an experienced Dallas burn injury lawyer as soon as possible to review the merits of a potential claim. Our team of dedicated attorneys will fight for the financial recovery that you deserve, allowing you the time to focus on your physical and emotional healing. Meet with our team today.