DeSoto Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

While any injury can disrupt your personal and professional life, these losses are usually only temporary and can be made up for through financial restitution. Unfortunately, spinal cord trauma is a tragic exception to this rule since the effects of these injuries are almost always permanent, life-changing, and exceptionally difficult to recover through a civil claim.

When you sustain this type of harm, guidance from a skilled catastrophic injury attorney experienced with handling civil claims could be vital to achieving the best possible case result and effectively protecting your rights. From start to finish of settlement negotiations or civil court litigation, your knowledgeable DeSoto spinal cord injury lawyer could be a dependable ally and source of legal expertise.

What Makes Spinal Cord Damage So Severe?

Most body parts will heal from trauma over time, especially with help from modern medical technology and treatment. Unfortunately, a person’s spinal cord cannot restore itself after severe trauma. In many cases, even cutting-edge surgical intervention or physical rehabilitation cannot restore sensation and motor function to the victim.

The severity of a spinal cord injury in DeSoto depends on where the damage occurs along the spine and how “complete” the injury is. When an injury is higher up the spine and closer to a person’s neck, the victim is likely to experience loss of physical function due to a lack of communication with their brain.

Likewise, a “complete” injury that involves the victim’s spinal cord being severed completely is much more serious than “incomplete” spinal cord damage involving only a partial tearing, twisting, or bruising of the nerves. No matter the nature of the spinal injury, a seasoned attorney’s support can make a huge difference in how effectively the injured party can demand comprehensive compensation for their losses.

Proving Fault for Spinal Cord Damage

Despite the uniquely destructive nature of spinal cord damage, civil claims built around injuries of this nature are subject to the same rules and restrictions as other civil claims. Therefore, a person who suffers spinal trauma in an accident cannot recover compensation from someone else involved in the incident unless they can prove they were hurt because the liable party engaged in reckless, careless, or intentionally malicious misconduct.

Furthermore, the injured party must prove they were not at fault for causing or worsening their own injuries since they might otherwise miss out on valuable compensation under the “comparative fault” concept. Finally, according to Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003, litigation must begin no later than two years after the injury occurred, even if the harm has lifelong repercussions. A capable lawyer in DeSoto could provide crucial help when proving another party caused a victim’s injuries and ensuring that the injured person files their claim within the applicable legal timeframe.

A Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in DeSoto Could Help

Unfortunately, spinal cord trauma can change your life at a moment’s notice in ways that financial compensation can only do so much to alleviate. That said, demanding the restitution you deserve from the person whose negligence caused your injury is vital to preserving your financial stability and quality of life.

A conversation with a DeSoto spinal cord injury lawyer could provide you clarity and confidence about what next steps best suit your needs. Call today to get started.