Understanding Fort Worth Motorcycle Defects and Recalls

Motorcycle manufacturers have a responsibility to sell products that lack design or manufacturing defects that make them unsafe. When companies fail in their obligation to the public, they should be held accountable for injuries that result from motorcycle defects.

The difference between a motorcycle defect and a recall is that there can be a defect without a recall. They can have a defect that is not recalled because it is unknown. If it is a widespread defect that the manufacturer is aware of, they would issue a recall. Recall notices are sent out by the manufacturer of the bike.

Understanding Fort Worth motorcycle defects and recalls could be difficult without the help of a knowledgeable attorney. A seasoned motorcycle accident attorney could explain the laws regarding motorcycles and help you determine whether you have a valid claim.

How Does the Manufacturer Determine Whether A Motorcycle Part or Entire Motorcycle Model Should Be Recalled?

The manufacturer determines whether a motorcycle part or entire motorcycle model should be recalled by investigating the roadworthiness of their bike. Safety problems are reported to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which has a multiple part investigator process. They screen initial review of complaints submitted by motorists and other information about alleged defects.

When they are starting an investigation, there is a petition analysis, which is a review and analysis of any petitions that call for an investigation into an alleged defect and/or reviews of safety-related recalls. Then the investigation conducted in two phases: the preliminary investigation and engineering analysis recall management.

The NHTSA is going to communicate with the manufacturer when they think a recall is needed. Manufacturers would hope to be made aware of a defect before it goes to an investigatory process with the NHTSA.

Common Motorcycle Defects

There are many parts of a motorcycle that could be recalled. If a defective part causes an accident, the manufacturer could be held liable for damages. Speak to a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer to learn about the laws regarding defective motorbike parts and recalls.


Some common defects involve the frame. Even a small fracture on the frame of a bike can lead to a severe accident caused by structural failure. When motorcycle frames cannot withstand typical riding conditions, they are prone to crack and expose the bike to the elements. The defect can lead to the accumulation of rust and may affect other parts of the bike over time.


The engine can also suffer defects. Unexpectedly breaking down on their motorcycle can be a dangerous experience. The situation only gets worse when the problem is engine failure. Most riders do not expect their engine to stop running without warning. Their engine defect can cause their bike to stall or stop in situations when they need to keep moving.

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank can also be affected and cause an accident. When a fuel tank has a manufacturing flaw, it can cause dangerous gas leaks. A tank leaking gas is a common cause of motorcycle fires. Unfortunately, many bikers do not discover this defect until it is too late to prevent a devastating fire or accident.

Brakes, Tires, and Wheels

Brake failures are also common motorcycle defects. They are a horrific experience on any vehicle. The inability to stop increases the risk of an accident and may cause a crash at high speed.

Defective tires and wheels can make the motorcycle unstable and cause a rider to swerve in the other lanes or skid while slowing down. If a tire defect causes a motorcycle accident, the manufacturer may be liable for injuries that resolve.


Handlebars can also be defective. Handlebars are essential for steering and keeping their back on the desired path. When handlebars are faulty and do not help them to steer, they can cause their bike to wobble or leave them unable to prevent an accident.

Defective Motorbike Design Flaws

A common issue with motorcycles involves the bike’s overall design. In addition to the specific safety defects regarding the bike or individual parts, it is possible to take legal action when the bike has an unreasonably dangerous design. A motorcycle that is not designed properly can cause problems for the rider. Manufacturers must be aware of the potential dangers created by the design defects.

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Could Help

A motorcycle accident could happen anywhere and at any time. Although riding a motorcycle comes with a high risk of injury during a crash, manufacturers have a responsibility to create reasonably safe products for the rider. A motorcycle accident attorney could help them seek justice if you were seriously injured due to a faulty bike.

Understanding Fort Worth motorcycle defects and recalls could be the first step to helping you hold negligent manufacturers liable for damages. Speak to an attorney today to discuss your case and legal options.