Fort Worth Amusement Park Injury Lawyer

Amusement parks in the Fort Worth area offer thousands of people every year the chance to experience a thrill while spending time outdoors. For the more adventurous, massive rides such as roller coasters and water slides give them a shot of adrenaline. Even more tame attractions such as carousels or bumper cars can provide fun for the whole family.

Unfortunately, injuries that occur in amusement parks are common. Many injured people may not believe that they have a right to demand compensation for their losses because amusement parks use waivers in an attempt to avoid liability. However, many people who suffer injuries while visiting an amusement park may be able to collect compensation for their injuries and damages.

A Fort Worth amusement park injury lawyer may be able to help you if you were hurt while visiting an adventure park. A skilled premises liability attorney could stand by your side to establish the park’s negligence, to counter any apparent liability waivers, and to demand appropriate payments for your losses.

Legal Rights Following Amusement Park Injuries

Amusement parks can be dangerous for visitors. Although it is easy to see how a malfunctioning roller coaster or other high-speed rides could result in serious injuries, other less obvious risks could also result in severe losses.

Unfortunately, many amusement park visitors suffer injuries because of general maintenance problems or failures to clear temporary hazards. Inattentive staff may allow water to accumulate in a walking path or a bench in ill-repair to fail, resulting in slips and falls.

Amusement parks also have a duty to provide proper security. The park may be liable if a plaintiff suffers harm due to improper screening at gates that fail to detect a weapon or if security staff does not respond appropriately to a fight.

A person who suffers harm due to these events has the right to demand full compensation for their losses. This includes payments for medical bills, lost wages, and emotional trauma. A knowledgeable Fort Worth amusement park injury lawyer could help to evaluate a park’s liability following an injury.

The Waiver of Liability Problem

Amusement parks owe their visitors a high duty of care. This is because they invite the general public to their land to enjoy their attractions. As a result, an amusement park must take reasonable steps to protect its guests from all unreasonable risks of harm. However, just because an injury takes place on the amusement park grounds does not mean that the owner is liable.

Many amusement parks attach waivers as a condition of entry. These typically shield the amusement park from liability in case of an injury due to an accident. However, the mere presence of a waiver does not mean that a plaintiff cannot collect compensation.

The owners must demonstrate that there is a clear intent to waive liability in case of an accident. For example, the amusement park may state that they are not liable for any injury that occurs while on a ride, while walking around the grounds, or while eating in their restaurants. Furthermore, this waiver must be in plain view for all guests on signs upon entry or on tickets in a clear font or color.

It is not surprising that many amusement parks cannot meet this standard. If a plaintiff can show that there was improper notice of a waiver as a condition of entry, they may be able to argue that any waiver was invalid. A seasoned amusement park injury lawyer in Fort Worth could help wounded plaintiffs prove their cases despite the presence of a waiver.

Let a Fort Worth Amusement Park Injury Attorney Help

Amusement parks are a popular tourist destination in the Fort Worth area. Indeed, thousands of people may visit these parks every day. Every person who enters the gates enjoys protection under the law. The park’s owners carry a duty to protect these people from unreasonable risks of harm that may occur in common areas, on roller coasters, and even in their restaurants.

If you have suffered an injury while visiting an amusement park, you may have the right to compensation. However, many parks employ liability waivers that may limit your ability to collect these payments. A diligent attorney could help to evaluate the legality of these waivers and to demand fair payments after your injury. Contact a Fort Worth amusement park injury lawyer today to schedule a consultation.