Grand Prairie Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries are dangerous and could have lasting effects on an individual. For that reason, if you have suffered a burn injury, it is a good idea to seek help from an attorney who is familiar with the long-term ramifications and the challenges of proving liability in burn injury cases.

A burn injury victim may be entitled to seek from the party responsible for their damages. An experienced Grand Prairie burn injury lawyer could help injured claimants recover compensation that fully covers the value of their damages including future needs. A knowledgeable catastrophic injury lawyer could work to handle the legal and financial of a case so that the victim and their family can focus on healing and moving forward.

The Statute of Limitations in Grand Prairie

After suffering a burn injury, most people understandably want to focus on recovering their physical, mental, and emotional health. However, it is important to give some thought to the future. In a consultation, a Grand Prairie attorney familiar with accidents resulting in burns could explain steps to take to work toward financial recovery and other considerations to keep in mind.

The State of Texas allows an injured person only two years in which to file a legal action seeking compensation from the person responsible for the injury according to Tex. Civ. Prac. & Remedies Code §16.003. Lawsuits filed after this time will be barred by the court.

However, it is to get started on the lawsuit well before the statutory limit becomes an issue. Evidence will be needed to establish liability, and often, the best time to collect and preserve evidence is shortly after the burn injury occurred.

Establishing Liability for a Burn Injury

To recover compensation for an injury, the injured claimant’s Grand Prairie fire accident attorney must prove that another’s negligent conduct, or actions is to blame for the incident that caused the injury. That does not mean someone deliberately caused harm, but only that their negligence or lack of responsibility enabled the injury to occur.

If the injured person’s own conduct is also partially to blame, that conduct may reduce the amount recovered. For instance, if a motorist suffers debilitating burns in a truck accident, a court may determine that the truck driver is 90 percent at fault for an illegal lane change and the injured motorist is 10 percent responsible for failing to signal a turn. In that situation, the injured claimant’s total compensation award would be reduced by 10 percent, their percentage of liability. A skilled lawyer could determine whether comparative fault plays a role in a case and how it might impact recovery.

Recoverable Compensation for a Severe Burn

Once liability is established, a person suffering a burn injury may receive compensation to offset different factors stemming from the injury. Individuals may be eligible to recover compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life.

In addition, a diligent attorney in Grand Prairie could assist in recovering damages from getting burned to cover past medical expenses, future needs, lost wages, reduced future income, and other quantifiable losses. A severe burn injury attorney could calculate the value of the relevant factors in a case to determine whether a settlement offer provides fair and adequate compensation.

Consult a Grand Prairie Burn Injury Attorney as Soon as Possible

Individuals often seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit to help relieve the financial burden an injury has caused them and their family. A damage award can help meet future needs and allow a burn victim to get the help they need.

Seek help from a Grand Prairie burn injury lawyer familiar with the unique issues involved and the way courts handle these types of cases. For a free consultation to learn what may be possible in your case, call today.