Settling a Grapevine Car Accident Case

The length of time to settle a car accident case may vary greatly. It is a case by case basis, but many things can influence the timeframe. For example,  issues with determining and proving liability, as well as the extent of the injured person’s injuries can affect the timeline of a settlement. Also, if the case is resolved prior to filing a lawsuit or if the injured person has to take the case to trial, that could extend the timeframe.

For those reasons, you should seek help from a knowledgeable car accident attorney as soon as possible following an auto wreck. There are many factors that can impact the time it takes to get a settlement checked, but an experienced attorney could help expedite the process. Call today to learn about the various nuances of settling a Grapevine car accident case.

Accepting or Rejecting a Settlement

When an insurance company has accepted or made an offer, the injured person has to either accept the offer, appeal a claim, deny or reject an offer. This could include negotiating a higher settlement, rejecting the offer, and filing a civil lawsuit for compensation. It is best to consult with a car wreck lawyer before moving forward at this step because they can help them weigh the pros and cons of each and discuss what’s best for them.

Accepting a claim offer will settle the case the fastest. However, if it is not worth it if the offer is far below what they need to recover their damages if they appeal or begin negotiating for a higher settlement, the claim is going to take longer. Additionally, if the injured person files a suit, all processes will take longer to close.

Receiving Settlements In a Timely Manner

Experienced negotiators should know how to compromise to arrive at a fair settlement. It is still important to ask a few questions before accepting the offer.

Costs of Medical Care

Does the offered amount cover all the medical costs? Often, they are going to be responsible for paying medical liens against their settlement on top of their co-pays and deductibles. Additionally, they need future medical care. Some settlements include provisions for the insurance company to pay accident-related medical bills for up to a year after the original injury.

Comfortable With the Settlement?

Am I comfortable with the proposed settlement? They have the right to consult an attorney at any time during the negotiation process. After confirming the terms of their agreement, send the adjuster a written confirmation or their verbal settlement agreement as soon as possible. The confirmation letter might be sent through email or postal service. Electronic confirmation is perfectly acceptable.

Things Included on the Confirmation

Things to include on the confirmation, include the name of the client, later the insured claim number that the injury–that the agreement sought him out get copies. Then it is also important to review the settlement and release agreement, standard procedures to get a release from the insurance company.

The settlement check will come with the release form with instructions to sign and return the form before they get the check. However, most companies do not seem to check to their sign in the time of release. It is important to read the release carefully. It is a legally binding contract. It is up to them to know what they are signing.

How a Car Accident Attorney Could Help

There are many ways a car crash attorney could help. They have the experience to work up a case and get the maximum amount of money that an injured person is entitled to. Additionally, attorneys can help get bills reduced for medical providers. They also have a vast network of medical providers that they are able to refer injured claimant’s to. Call today to learn about settling a Grapevine car accident case.