Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Southlake

When an outside force causes an injury to the brain, it is classified as a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Any force to the head can lead to a TBI, including those that cause the brain to hit the sides of the head without external contact with the skull.

TBIs can result from various accidents. Generally, the cause is either a penetrating injury, bump, blow, or jolt to the head. Car wrecks, slips and falls, assaults, and gunshots are among the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries in Southlake. Reach out to an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer today for more information or for help taking legal action after suffering from this type of catastrophic harm.

Car Accidents

Automobile collisions are a leading cause of TBIs. That should be no surprise, given the tremendous force in these accidents. A person’s head may hit the vehicle’s interior or the ground. Even those who do not collide with the car may have their brain strike the side of their head.

TBIs from automobile collisions range in severity, with higher speeds linked to more severe cases. Anyone who is in a car wreck should look for the symptoms of a TBI, even if they appear fine in the immediate aftermath. The injury can worsen over time because of swelling. An attorney could help if a vehicle crash leads to a traumatic brain injury in Southlake.

Slip and Fall Accidents

The name slip and fall is misleading because it sounds like a minor incident. However, these events often lead to people hitting their heads, which can cause serious injuries. Often, these TBIs are moderate or mild. However, some people may experience severe head injuries.

Individuals who have slip and fall accidents may have a premises liability claim against a property owner or manager if proven to be the result of negligence. Loose flooring, uneven sidewalks, and slippery surfaces can all lead to a slip and fall. Property owners may be liable for an injury if they knew or should have known of the condition but failed to correct it or warn others. A Southlake lawyer who handles TBI cases could provide more information.


Assault is another leading cause of head injuries. Often, assaults lead to blows to the head. This impact has the potential of causing a TBI and, in rare cases, fatal head injuries.

If an assault leads to injuries, a person may have a personal injury claim against the assailant. A Southlake attorney could examine the circumstances that caused the TBI, and if the person was not acting in self-defense, they may be liable for injuries and face potential criminal charges.


Gunshots are a leading cause of Southlake TBIs. People assume that these injuries are linked to assaults. However, many gunshot wounds are self-inflicted.

People may not survive a gunshot wound to the head, and those who do often have severe TBIs that require lifelong care. When someone passes, their loved ones may have a claim against the person who caused the harm. In addition, there may be claims even if a gunshot wound is self-inflicted, depending on the injured person’s medical history.

Learn More About TBI Injuries in Southlake and Their Causes Today

Regardless of the cause, TBIs can dramatically interfere with people’s lives. They can completely change their quality of life, ability to work, personality, cognitive function, and more.

When someone else causes you to experience a TBI, you may be able to recover for your injuries. A lawyer could help examine the circumstances and advise you — or loved ones — of potential remedies. Schedule a consultation to learn more about the causes of traumatic brain injuries in Southlake and how to prove liability.