Arlington Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Parking lots in Arlington are a surprisingly common site for car accidents. Despite the low-speed limits in these places and the proximity to buildings and other vehicles, accidents could still occur.

This leads to a high frequency of incidents that result in personal injuries. These can affect both drivers of their own cars as well as pedestrians. While these incidents can certainly lead to significant personal injuries that can affect every portion of your life, the fact remains that drivers in parking lots have the same duty to protect you as motorists on roads or highways.

If you or a loved one were injured due to a negligent driver, an Arlington parking lot accident lawyer may be able to help you seek compensation. A seasoned car accident attorney could investigate your collision, collect evidence, and help prove the defendant’s negligence.

The Duties of Drivers in Parking Lots

The ability to drive on local roads and anywhere else in the state involves entering into a social contract. In exchange for a license, every driver assumes a duty to protect other people. This duty extends to other drivers, their passengers, and even pedestrians.

Many defendants in parking lot accident cases may attempt to argue that this duty does not apply since they were not on the road. However, this argument does not hold water since parking lots, as areas that are open to the public, are “ways” in terms of local traffic law. This means that drivers have the same obligations to follow speed limits, signal turns, and generally operate their vehicles in a safe manner as on all other driving areas.

As a result, a person injured by a negligent driver in a parking lot has the same right to pursue claims for damages as people injured on the road. A nearby parking lot accident lawyer could help to clarify a plaintiff’s rights to seeking compensation in Arlington.

What Makes Parking Lot Accidents Different From Other Car Accidents?

There are several differences between parking lot collision and other car accidents. One example is the type of damages that can occur from parking lot accidents. They are usually not as severe as those outside of parking lots where speeds are generally higher.

Examples of Losses Due to Parking Lot Accidents

The extent of injuries that plaintiffs may suffer due to parking lot accidents is unique to each individual. On the most obvious level, an impact will affect a pedestrian in a much different way than a person in a car. In every event, it is essential to make a true accounting of one’s losses in order to be able to demand appropriate compensation.

What Type Of Injuries Could Occur In a Parking Lot Accident?

The core of a parking lot car accident claim is a personal injury. Indeed, the case cannot progress without a physical injury that requires the attention of a doctor or hospital. Common examples of these injuries can include broken bones, separated joints, and traumatic brain injuries.

Once a plaintiff can establish that they have a physical injury, they can demand payments for other losses. Pain and suffering usually accompany physical injuries. Because a defendant is always liable to provide compensation for all damages, these are a legitimate source of payment. An injured person will also need to evaluate the economic impact of the incident. If they miss time at work or suffer property damage not covered by their own insurance, this can also be a significant source of compensation. An experienced lawyer in Arlington could help to evaluate the impact of the parking lot car crash on one’s life to pursue claims for appropriate payments.

Let a Parking Lot Accident Lawyer in Arlington Fight for You

Parking lot accidents can result in surprisingly serious losses. Despite the fact that these incidents usually occur at low speeds, this can still have a devasting impact on a pedestrian or even a motorist. Negligent defendants are always liable to provide compensation for all damage that they inflict. An Arlington parking lot accident lawyer could help to demonstrate this negligence.

An attorney could also help to deal with aggressive defendant insurance companies. They will handle all communication, work with you to complete necessary paperwork, and take the lead in all settlement talks. Speak with a lawyer in your area today.