Uber/Lyft Accidents in Arlington

Often, people rely on common carriers like Uber and Lyft as their primary form of transportation. These vehicles provide an easy and affordable way for people to go to and from work and social events. However, despite the efficiency of this form of travel, it is not always the safest way to get around.

Unfortunately, because many Uber and Lyft drivers are motivated to complete as many rides as possible to maximize their income, they may become careless. If this recklessness leads to an accident that causes you to suffer from injuries, you may be able to hold the rideshare driver or the company they work for accountable for your damages. Pursuing these cases without a dedicated car crash attorney could be difficult. Instead, let a lawyer help you get the compensation you deserve after an Uber/Lyft accident in Arlington.

What are Common Carriers According to the Law?

Under the law, Ubers and Lyfts are common carriers. Therefore, classifying these vehicles is important when one of these transportation modes is involved in a crash.

Unlike regular drivers who owe a duty of reasonable care to those on the roadway and their passengers, motorists operating common carriers owe the highest duty of care to their riders. The law places this higher duty upon them because they are transporting passengers in exchange for money. A skilled attorney could explain more about these vehicles and the rules their drivers must follow during a consultation.

Who is Liable for Uber/Lyft Crashes in Arlington?

In common accidents involving two cars, each owner is liable for their portion of the damage they cause. But when it comes to common carrier vehicle crashes, liability largely depends on the circumstances of a collision. Likewise, because rideshare drivers are independent contractors and often not employed by a particular company, the legal concepts involved in these claims differ from passenger automobiles.

In some cases, a corporate entity, like Uber or Lyft, could be responsible for a wreck. For example, liability might lie on the driver if a rideshare employee was not logged onto the Uber or Lyft app while completing a ride. Although liability for common carrier collision is not always apparent, a knowledgeable lawyer could review evidence to determine who was responsible for a crash and ensure a plaintiff gets a fair recovery for their injuries.

How an Attorney Can Help After a Rideshare Crash

To recover damages after a crash involving a Lyft or Uber, a lawyer could collect relevant evidence, including dashcam footage from inside a rideshare vehicle, video surveillance from local businesses, and police reports. Communicating directly with insurance companies can become complex, especially when it involves a third-party car or company, but a legal team member could simplify this process.

Likewise, because recent laws have mandated certain insurance coverages for rideshare vehicles, it is crucial for anyone involved in an Uber or Lyft accident to contact an experienced attorney in Arlington to protect their rights and determine what benefits they’re entitled to under the law.

Get in Touch with an Uber/Lyft Accident Lawyer in Arlington

You should expect rideshare drivers to do whatever they can to protect you from harm while riding in their vehicles. However, that is not always the case. Sadly, Uber/Lyft accidents in Arlington can result in life-altering injuries and losses.

However, a compassionate legal team member could help you get the justice you deserve. So call an attorney today and schedule a consultation.