Arlington Defective Products Lawyer

Due to the millions of products that manufacturers produce each year, it is no surprise that some of these products are defective and cause harm to consumers. Products liability claims seek to hold manufacturers financially responsible when they fail to make products that are safe for consumer use. If you or a loved has suffered injuries due to a faulty product, consulting an Arlington defective products lawyer may be advisable.

Products liability claims are subject to strict time deadlines. Injured consumers who fail to meet those deadlines run the risk of being unable to pursue any claims for compensation, regardless of the severity of their injuries. To ensure that you meet all necessary deadlines, speak to a diligent personal injury attorney for advice following an accident.

What Are Common Types of Faulty Products Claims?

Product liability claims or claims for compensation related to injuries that individuals sustain after using certain products can take three different forms: design defect claims, manufacturing defect claims, and failure to warn or inadequate warning claims. Any of these claims could lead to liability on the part of a manufacturer of a consumer product if the product directly caused harm to the consumer who used the product reasonably and properly.

Design defect claims focus on an inherent defect in the design of certain products. If the manufacturer correctly produced the product, it would be safe for consumers to use.

Failure to warn or inadequate warning claims are a variation of products liability claims. In these cases, products are safe if consumers use them properly, but they could be dangerous if consumers misuse them. As a result, a defective purchase attorney in Arlington knows that manufacturers must adequately warn consumers of the specific harms or dangers that misusing the product could create.

Arlington Liability for Defective Merchandise

Some common examples of defective products that might lead to a product liability claim include children’s toys, appliances, medical devices, and car parts, medications, among others. Whether the products are inherently defective by design, manufactured inappropriately, or marketed without proper warnings of risks, those who generate these products may be liable for the injuries that result from reasonably foreseeable use of these products by consumers.

Product designers, manufacturers, and sellers all may owe a duty to consumers to only create and distribute safe products to consumers. Their failure to meet this duty concerning a specific product can result in the basis of a product liability claim. Faulty merchandise claims differ from personal injury claims in many respects, which is why consulting a seasoned attorney in Arlington may be advisable.

While most personal injury claims rest solely on the elements that constitute negligence, not all product liability claims rely on a legal theory of negligence. Although a failure to warn consumers of the risks of using a product might be a negligence claim, manufacturers that create inherently dangerous defective products are strictly liable for any injuries that result from those products. As a result, if consumers suffer injuries from using products due to a faulty design, the manufacturer is liable for the costs of those injuries, regardless as to whether they had any knowledge of the defect.

A Defective Products Attorney in Arlington May be of Assistance

Consumers have a right to expect that the products that they purchase are safe for regular use. When using products as intended results in injuries to the consumers who have purchased them, these injury victims may have the right to pursue manufacturers, designers, and even retailers for their damages, which may be extensive in some cases.

Consulting an Arlington defective products lawyer could be the first step toward obtaining compensation for your losses and holding those who have created dangerous products responsible for their actions. Call today to get started.