Arlington Slip and Fall Lawyer

When you venture onto someone else’s property, you should reasonably expect that you will not be put in any danger. Unfortunately, many people and companies shirk their responsibilities to keep visitors safe by not fixing dangerous conditions on their property.

If you sustain injuries in a slip and fall, retaining the skills of an Arlington slip and fall lawyer could be the best way to seek compensation for your injuries from the responsible party. A skilled personal injury attorney could help ensure that your rights and financial future are protected.

How Trip and Fall Cases Occur

Technically, slip and fall cases do not require a person to actually slip. The legal term is just a colloquial way of referring to accidents where a visitor falls and gets hurt due to a dangerous condition or hazard on someone else’s property. Therefore, a slip and fall case could occur due to anything from broken stairs, poorly-laid carpet, and uneven floors to spilled liquid, inadequate lighting, or even poor weather conditions.

When a property owner who is required to take care of their premises and warn visitors of any potential dangers fails to do so, serious accidents and injuries could occur. An experienced Arlington slip and fall attorney could investigate such an accident and determine the exact cause in the interest of holding the responsible party accountable in court.

Comparative Negligence in Arlington Trip and Fall Cases

Most slip and fall cases rely heavily on the rules of comparative negligence to determine the party responsible for the accident and how much compensation the victim may be eligible to recover. Under this rule, the court would assign a percentage of blame to both the plaintiff and the defendant if they both had a hand in causing the accident.

For example, everything from the shoes that the victim was wearing at the time to the number of employees a grocery store had on staff to clean up spilled produce could help determine fault. According to Chapter 33 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, if an injured individual is 50 percent or less at fault for an accident, their recovery would be diminished by the percentage of responsibility assigned to them.

However, if the injured individual is more than 50 percent at fault for their injuries, they may not be able to recover any compensation at all. For more information about how comparative fault could affect your claim, it is typically best to speak to a seasoned trip and fall attorney in Arlington.

Get Professional Assistance from an Arlington Slip and Fall Attorney Now

If you were hurt after slipping and falling on someone else’s property, you deserve to be compensated for your damages. The costs of your recovery and your injury could have a devastating impact on you and your family, and you do not need to suffer any more for your injuries financially.

An Arlington slip and fall lawyer could investigate on your behalf and gather evidence to prove you were not at fault for the incident. With their help and expertise, you may be able to recover the compensation that you need and deserve. Call today to schedule a consultation.