Arlington Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

When your doctor prescribes you a new medication, you likely assume that the product is FDA-approved and safe for consumers. However, if you or a loved one suffers injuries due to a hazardous narcotic, you may be eligible to seek compensation from the responsible party. An Arlington dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to assess whether you have a valid personal injury claim stemming from taking a dangerous drug or medication.

A medication may be harmful to you in various ways. The drug could be safe for most people but dangerous to some. If you have sustained a severe injury or illness as a result of taking a medication, you may wish to seek the advice of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney as quickly as possible.

Potential Side Effects of Hazardous Narcotics

Some individuals who take prescription or non-prescription medication to treat a medical condition suffer catastrophic side effects from taking the drugs, or death in some circumstances. Side effects that may occur from taking unsafe drugs may include the following:

  • Risk of heart attack
  • Blood clotting issues and stroke
  • Complications with diabetes
  • Risk of congenital disabilities

All these side effects can have devastating results for individuals and fundamentally alter the outcome of their lives. Taking dangerous drugs can result in individuals becoming sicker than they were before taking the drugs, becoming permanently impaired, being unable to return to work, and even passing away from illness or injury. A skilled dangerous prescription attorney in Arlington may be able to assist people hurt and their surviving family members in pursuing manufacturers for compensation related to their injuries.

Liability for Producing Dangerous Medication in Arlington

Pharmaceutical companies have a legal duty to produce drugs that are safe for consumers. If there are risks associated with taking medication, then these companies must ensure that the labels and inserts that come with medications fully explain those risks. Likewise, if the drug company is aware that specific individuals could suffer illness or injury from taking the medicine, then the medicine company must warn consumers of those dangers.

All too often, companies shepherd new drugs through the FDA approval process far too quickly and with insufficient trials to fully understand the implications of taking the medication. As a result, some individuals may experience severe side effects and complications from taking these substances. If companies fail to adequately test products to determine any problems or interactions that consumers might experience while taking them, they may be liable for any injuries that result to consumers.

In many cases, dangerous drugs can trigger voluntary recalls by manufacturing companies or mandatory recalls by the FDA. A recall does not necessarily mean that individuals have suffered injuries due to the narcotic; in some situations, the manufacturing company may be trying to avoid the risk of injuries or liability for any damages that do occur. Whether the recall is due to a contaminated batch of medication or an unknown side effect for specific individuals who take the medication, an unsafe medicine attorney in Arlington may be able to help.

Financial Recovery for Damages after Taking an Unsafe Medicine

Individuals who suffer injuries or side effects from taking unsafe drugs may require further medical treatment, surgical intervention, or may even sustain permanent injuries. These injury victims may be unable to work, either temporarily or permanently, which can make it impossible to keep up with both the costs of daily living and massive medical bills.

While compensation for their injuries may not cure their physical problems, it can go a long way toward relieving financial stress and ensuring that individuals get the treatment that they need. With the help of an experienced hazardous medication attorney, injured claimants in Arlington may be eligible to recover compensation for damages to cover medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more, depending on the circumstances.

Work with an Arlington Dangerous Drugs Attorney

If a drug manufacturer has released a hazardous product on the market or failed to warn consumers of the potential side effects, they could be held liable for damages. An Arlington dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to assist you in building a strong claim for damages against the pharmaceutical companies responsible for producing the substance.

The aftereffects when you take unsafe drugs can be traumatizing and place you in a worse position than you were in before. Getting legal advice in this situation may help you remedy the wrongful behaviors of big companies in manufacturing dangerous substances. Call today to schedule a consultation.