Arlington Amusement Park Injury Lawyer

Amusement parks in Arlington and the surrounding areas offer hours of entertainment for thrill-seekers and families alike. Of course, as businesses that offer entry to the general public in exchange for a fee, these parks owe a duty of protection to keep their guests safe from harm.

Unfortunately, injuries that occur on the property of amusement parks are common. From slips and falls on walking paths, to cuts on turnstiles, to injuries that result from accidents on rides, hundreds of people suffer harm because of amusement park negligence every year.

An Arlington amusement park injury lawyer could help you after an amusement park injury. A diligent premises liability attorney can help to provide clarification as to your rights, to investigate how the injury occurred, and to demand proper payments for your losses.

The Duties of Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are classified as businesses meaning that they invite people onto their land for the purpose of making money. As a result, these businesses owe a duty to their guests to protect them from all unreasonable risks of harm.

These duties extend to every part of a guest’s experience. On the simplest level, amusement parks must maintain their land in such a way as to minimize injuries that occur as the result of accidents. The simplest example here can be a slip and fall that injures a guest on a walkway. The park should take steps to recognize a hazard, standing water, for example, assign staff to clear the spill, and warn guests of the hazardous condition.

Of course, this duty also extends towards ensuring that all attractions are safe for visitors. Indeed, some inherently risky activities such as riding on roller coasters, do involve some assumption of the risk of harm. Even so, the amusement park’s owners must take steps to properly maintain the ride, inform the guests of the apparent risks, and properly train staff as to what to do in case of an emergency. An Arlington amusement park injury lawyer could provide more information about the duties of amusement parks toward their guests.

Pursuing Claims for Fair Compensation

While there is no doubt that amusement parks owe their guests a duty of care, many parks attempt to limit their liability in case of an accident by subjecting their guests to waivers. These typically take the form of signs placed outside the park’s entrance, at the gates to all attractions, and even on the backs of tickets.

The goal of these waivers is to allow the park to argue that a guest assumed all the risk when entering the park and thus to abrogate any liability in case of an injury. However, not every waiver is ironclad. According to Ramirez v. 24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc., waivers must be both conspicuous and clear as to their intent. For example, a proper waiver will be in clear, bold font. Additionally, that waiver should state that the park is not liable for any injury that is the result of an accident on their property.

Despite the power of these waivers under state law, their mere presence does not mean that an injured plaintiff is powerless. Many claims can allege that a waiver was not sufficient to provide protection to the park’s owners, that the waiver did not cover the type of incident that caused the injury, or that the failure on the part of the park was so egregious that the waiver does not apply. An experienced Arlington amusement park injury lawyer could help to prove a person’s case in settlement talks and in court, even if the park attempts to claim a waiver.

Let an Arlington Amusement Park Injury Lawyer Could Help

While most people understand that entering a ride such as a roller coaster is somewhat risky, they rely on the expertise of the park and their technicians to provide a safe experience. Even so, accidents can and do occur. If that accident is the result of the park’s negligence, you have the right to demand compensation.

An Arlington amusement park injury lawyer could help you to pursue your claim. This includes establishing your rights as a paying customer, investigating the incident that led to your injuries, and evaluating the legal effect of any waiver that may apply to your case. There is a limited time following an injury to pursue a claim. Contact an Arlington amusement park injury lawyer today to get started.