Arlington Water Park Injury Lawyer

Water parks offer thousands of people every year the chance to have fun outdoors and to cool off from the area’s intense heat. From slides and fast rapids to lazy rivers and tidal pools, water parks offer all types of visitors ways to enjoy themselves.

A simple slip and fall could result in broken bones and head injuries. These risks can combine to increase the chance of drowning that threatens a person’s life.

In certain situations, the water park’s ownership may be liable for your injuries. An Arlington water park injury lawyer may be able to help you to pursue your claim. This includes establishing your rights as a visitor, working to determine if the park is at fault, and to demand appropriate payments for your losses. It is best to speak to a seasoned premises liability attorney to learn about your legal rights and options.

Risks Associated with Water Parks

Water parks combine many of the risks that involve visiting an amusement park and add the additional danger of water. As soon as a person enters the gates, they are subject to potential slips and falls, defective rides or machinery, and even assaults from other patrons. Added to these dangers is the chance of drownings if a person happens to fall into the water after enduring these injuries.

A water park bears the responsibility of providing protection for visitors against these hazards. From ensuring that poolside sections have the proper grip, to providing proper security staff, a water park owes a duty of protection to each visitor. An experienced Arlington water park injury lawyer could help to evaluate the safety measures taken by water parks and to determine if their actions caused a person’s injuries.

How to Pursue a Claim for Proper Compensation

The purpose of any personal injury claim, including those that involve drowning at water parks is to make an injured person whole again. However, this can be especially difficult in cases of wrongful death that result in drowning. It is necessary to not only measure a person’s direct losses, such as medical bills but also to evaluate their non-economic losses, such as mental anguish. An Arlington water park injury lawyer could help to measure a plaintiff’s losses that result from a personal injury or drowning death.

Unfortunately, just because an incident occurs on a water park’s property does not mean that they will volunteer payment. Many parks have waivers in place that purport to limit their legal liability in case of an incident. While these waivers may appear to provide full protection, they must take a specific form to serve their purpose.

An effective waiver must clearly state the types of incidents included in the waiver. Additionally, that waiver must be sufficiently clear to leave no doubt as to its effect in the mind of the reader. If a liable water park attempts to hide behind a waiver, an Arlington water park injury lawyer could help to question that waiver’s validity.

An Arlington Water Park Injury Attorney May be Able to Help

The effects of an accident that occurs at a water park can be devastating. Not only could something as simple as a slip and fall inflict life-changing injuries, but an injured person also runs the risk of drowning. A liable water park must provide compensation for their negligence no matter how serious an incident may be, even if it results in death.

Even so, obtaining this compensation is no easy matter. Water parks often rely on waivers to limit their liability and will fight to see that a court enforces these documents. An Arlington water park injury lawyer could help to even the odds.

The simple fact remains that negligent water parks are responsible to provide payment. Even if a defendant claims to have a waiver, these waivers must take specific forms to be effective. It is a rare case where a park requires a guest to sign a waiver, and placing warning signs may be insufficient. Contact an Arlington water park injury lawyer today to get started.