Medical Mistakes To Avoid After An Arlington Truck Accident

A tractor-trailer collision could cause significant damage and injuries. Immediately following a truck collision, it is best to seek medical treatment. Those who have been involved in a crash should seek help even if they believe they are not injured. There may be internal injuries that may not immediately be recognized.

People fail to prioritize medical care even after they have been injured. Many people hesitate to visit the doctor after an accident because of the cost associated with medical services. Additionally, a person will likely need follow-up treatment to ensure they are healing properly, and all these services add up quickly. The bills can even haunt a person while they are still recovering from an accident.

Nonetheless, it is vital for a person’s long-term health to visit a medical professional after a collision. Treating injuries right away and doing proper follow-up can help decrease the long-term negative effects of the injuries. A seasoned truck accident attorney could use your medical history, treatment plan, scans, and records to prove the extent of your injuries in court. You may be eligible to recover compensation for damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.

Reach out to a knowledgeable attorney to learn about the medical mistakes to avoid after an Arlington truck accident.

Failure to Disobey Doctor’s Orders

In a Fort Worth truck accident case, it would be a mistake for someone not to follow the doctor’s orders or follow up with the recommended medical treatment. The at-fault party’s insurance company will actually pay close attention to everything the injured party does after the accident. If a person stops treatment early, then the insurance company might believe the injuries were not as bad as claimed. The at-fault party’s insurance could attempt to use this to reduce the compensation or have the claim denied altogether.

Continued medical care is one of the most important aspects of a car accident case because the insurance company wants to minimize the injuries. Until a licensed medical professional looks at an injury, a person cannot be sure of their doctor’s evaluation of your condition and treatment. Following doctor’s orders and continuing with medical care shows the insurance company that the injured person is doing everything they can to regain 100 percent of the health they had before the accident. This is important because a person’s injuries need to be traced back to the car accident, and not any mistakes made later.

What is The Impact of a Gap in Medical Treatment?

A significant medical mistake to avoid after an Arlington truck accident is having a gap in treatment. A treatment gap means there is a gap between the date the person was injured, and the day they finally went to the doctor. The gap could hurt a person’s case and their eligibility to recover compensation for damages. Insurance companies may try to argue that while a person may be injured, the accident was not the cause of their injuries. They will claim that the person was hurt before the accident or they were hurt after the accident and are trying to link injuries that were not caused by the accident.

This is why an injured person needs to avoid a treatment gap. They can do this by receiving treatment for injuries immediately after an accident and continuing to receive treatment on a consistent basis thereafter. This is a crucial step in proving that the injuries are directly rooted to the accident. If the injured person goes to the emergency room directly from the accident site and then follows up with a private physician a few days later, there will be proof of the visit.

There are several reasons why a person who is legitimately injured might delay treatment. Sometimes they do not immediately realize they are seriously injured. Another common reasons why individuals do not seek treatment is because they do not have insurance or cannot afford the copays. The longer the gap, the more it hurts the case.

What Damages Are Recoverable After a Truck Accident?

Texas is a fault state. Therefore, the driver at fault should pay the other driver’s medical bills, property damage, medical expenses, and other losses. However, fault must be proven, and that could be contested in many situations. That means that the at-fault driver may not have to pay for any losses until months or even years down the road. Until the at-fault driver is forced to pay for these losses, the injured party must cover them. That means that a person may have to use their own auto insurance to cover medical bills.

Some medical providers will work under what is called a letter of protection. The doctors would delay payment on those bills until there is a settlement by working under the letter of protection. A knowledgeable attorney could help victims find options to address their bills.

How a Truck Accident Attorney Could Help

If a person is injured in an accident, it is best to go to the hospital or doctor as soon as they realize they are injured.  They also need to go to the doctor consistently and keep all their appointments. Do not delay treatment for any reason. It is important for an injured person to get the treatment they need and take care of their injuries. In the end, it will help them and their case.

Speak to an attorney as soon as possible to learn about the medical mistakes to avoid after an Arlington truck accident. Call today.